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  • The Applications and Advantages of LED Mobile Advertising Truck

    LED mobile advertising truck is widely used in press conferences, product launches, channel investment conferences etc. Generally Speaking, mobile led advertising truck has several advantages. Quantity advantage: Compared with traditional media, it can only accept one or a few customers, while the m

  • Basic Introduction of Swan Mobile Stage Truck

    What are the components of the mobile stage truck? The stage truck is mainly composed of the stage roof, the top board, the stage trolley, the stage plate slide, the stage plate support rod, the lighting rod, the scenery rod, the electric control box, the stage mouth, the stage clear height, the lif

  • The Leaders of the Ministry of Culture Came to Our Company to Inspect and Accept the Mobile Stage Truck

    In November 2020, the leaders of the Ministry of Culture and the expert team came to our company to inspect and accept the mobile stage truck.As a cultural propaganda system, the mobile stage truck sends culture to the countryside, the party and government, and national policies to the countryside.

  • Good News! 3 Vaccines in China Will Be Available At The End Of The Year

    On Sunday 6th September, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide has exceeded 26.6 million, with a daily increase of 200,000, and the death toll from the epidemic is 875,000. It can be said that the epidemic is still very serious. Under such circumstances, vaccin

  • The New Leaders of Huanghe Whirlwind Delivered an Important Speech

    On the morning of May 19, the members of the 8th leadership team of Huanghe Whirlwind met with all the management cadres of the company, and the mobilization meeting was grandly held in the international conference hall on the fourth floor of the R & D center. The new chairman of the leadership team

  • Are You Looking for Reliable Aluminum Dropside Cargo Truck for Sale?

    Are you looking for reliable fence truck for sale? Do you want to buy good quality fence truck with low price? If these questions occur to you, don't be hesitate to visit Henan Swan Vehicle. With over 30 years special vehicle manufacturing experience, we have rich experience and excellent works duri

  • Are You Looking for Reliable Wing Van Truck for Sale?

    Henan Swan Vehicle CO.,LTD is a well-konwn special vehicle manufacturer in China, which has over 30 years special vehicle production histroy. Our hot products include stage truck, LED advertising truck, 10 wheeler wing van truck, food truck etc, which has high quality and good reputation all over th

  • The Distinctive Advantages of LED Advertising Truck

    Good advertising can be called as an artistic enjoyment. On the contrary, bad advertising will arouse people's resentment. The LED advertising truck is ultimately different in the propaganda methods, which is very attractive and innovative. The emergence of LED mobile LED advertising truck is undoub

  • Do you Want to Customize Your Own Exhibition Truck or Stage Truck?

    Do you want to customize your own exhibition truck or stage truck? Do you want to find professional exhibition truck or stage truck manufacturer to support your business? Are you pulzzled by lots of technial questions and don't know how to solve it? If these questions are existed in your mind

  • How to Choose the Suitable Mobile Stage Truck?

    There are many models of stage trucks. How do you choose a mobile stage truck that suits you. Swan Vehicle will give you some suggestion.1. Select a mobile stage truck according to different purposesThe selection of the mobile stage truck is related to the application of the stage. For example, some

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Mobile: +86-15736772095
Add: 26F, Landmark Plaza,  A-1 CBD, Zhengzhou, Henan, China