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Crawler Scissor Lift

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Crawler scissor lift is a type of mobile elevated work platform used to provide safe access to high places for maintenance, construction, and other industrial applications. It is equipped with tracks or crawlers instead of wheels, which offer better maneuverability and stability on uneven terrain. 

Applications of Crawler Scissor Lift

The crawler scissor lift finds its applications in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and maintenance. Here are some of the applications of crawler scissor lifts:

1. Construction

Crawler scissor lifts are widely used in construction, especially for high-rise buildings. They provide a safer and more efficient way to perform construction tasks, including painting, welding, and plastering.

2. Manufacturing

Crawler scissor lifts are also ideal for manufacturing facilities that require regular maintenance of machines and equipment. They can reach higher work areas, which allows technicians to perform repairs and maintenance easily.

3. Warehousing and Logistics

Warehouses often have high shelves for storage, and crawler scissor lifts can help employees reach those shelves safely and efficiently. They also provide easy access to higher areas in the warehouse, simplifying inventory stocking and retrieval.

4. Outdoor Events

Crawler scissor lifts are used at outdoor events to provide elevated platforms for lighting and sound equipment. They can also be used to place banners or advertisements at high locations.

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Advantages of Crawler Scissor Lift

The crawler scissor lift has various advantages over other types of mobile elevated work platforms. Here are some of them:

1. Increased Stability

Crawler scissor lift is more stable than the wheeled scissor lift because of its tracks. The tracks spread weight evenly, improving stability on uneven and rough terrain. This makes it perfect for outdoor use.

2. Improved Maneuverability

Crawler scissor lifts have a low profile, making them more maneuverable in tight spaces than other mobile elevated work platforms. The tracks provide greater control in changing directions, enabling operators to move in different directions easily.

3. Enhanced Safety Features

Crawler scissor lift comes with advanced safety features, such as fall protection systems and emergency shut-off buttons. The tracks also improve stability, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

4. Increased Versatility

Crawler scissor lift can work in different environments, such as on construction sites, in warehouses, and in outdoor events. Its versatility makes it an ideal mobile elevated work platform for multiple applications.

5. Enhanced Lifting Capacity

Crawler scissor lifts can lift heavier loads than other types of mobile elevated work platforms. This makes it an ideal option for industrial applications that need to lift heavy equipment and materials.

Crawler scissor lift is a versatile and reliable mobile elevated work platform that is suitable for various industries. It offers stability, maneuverability, enhanced safety features, increased versatility, and enhanced lifting capacity. Its applications include construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and outdoor events. If you require a reliable access platform for your business, then investing in a crawler scissor lift would be a wise decision. As professional crawler scissor lift manufacturer, we can customize all kinds of scissor lift with your requirement with low price and top quality. Contact us for free quote now!

1Max.working height6m8m8m
2Max. platform height4m6m6m
3Min. platform height950mm1030mm1030mm
4work platform length1400mm1400mm1400mm
5Work platform width760mm760mm760mm
6Platform extension size600mm600mm600mm
7Whole machine heifht (Fence exoansion)1950mm2130mm2130mm
8Whole machine heifht (Fence folded)1560mm1740mm1740mm
9Whole machine length1520mm1520mm2010mm
10Whole machine width880mm880mm880mm
11Rated load230kg230kg230kg
12Extended platform safe work load100kg100kg100kg
13Max. workers222
14Driving speed(folded mode)2.5Km/h2.5Km/h2.5Km/h
15Driving speed(lifting)0.45Km/h0.45Km/h0.45Km/h
16Lifting motor24V/2.2KW2.6CC24V/2.2KW2.6CC24V/2.2KW2.6CC
17Driving motor24V/2×1KW24V/2×1KW24V/2×1KW
18Lifting/falling time36/37s36/37s36/37s
19Max. climbing capacity30%(17°)30%(17°)30%(17°)
20Max.operating angle36/37s1.5°/2.5°1.5°/2.5°
21Drive/brakedual rear-wheelsdual rear-wheelsdual rear-wheels
22Driving modeRubber trackRubber trackRubber track
23Wheel size150/72/42150/72/42150/72/42
24Storage battery2×12V120Ah2×12V120Ah2×12V120Ah
25Battery charger24V20A24V20A24V20A
26Whole machine weight816kg980kg1260kg

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