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  • Applications and Advantages of LED Advertising Truck

    LED advertising truck is suitable as a stage background, or a live broadcast platform for concerts, large-scale evening parties and large-scale competition venues. It can also be used as a display platform or advertising platform. LED advertising vehicles have a wide range of applications and can be

  • Application and Advantages of LED Advertising Vehicle

    With the diversification of information in today's society, the means of media promotion are becoming more and more numerous, such as the Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor advertising, etc. Investors are seeking for fast, convenient and low-cost way of publicity, so that more peopl

  • The Configuration and Function Description of Mobile Stage Truck

    The mobile stage car is unfolded through mechanical devices and built into a performance stage with a ceiling and a stage board, and is equipped with special devices such as stage lighting, sound as well as special van-type vehicles such as power interfaces. The stage ceiling is a structural device

  • The Advantages and Unfolding Methods of Mobile Stage Truck

    Henan Sawn vehicle is a well-know mobile stage truck manufacturer in China, and we produce all kinds of mobile stage trucks for sale with the following advantages. 1. The professional design maximizes the stage opening and the clear height of the stage. The ceiling has a strong bearing capacity, pre

  • Introduction of the Exhibition Truck of Henan Swan Vehicle

    As a manufacturer of LED mobile exhibition vehicles, Henan Swan Vehicle provides customers with hundreds of different types of LED advertising vehicle, involving various types of chassis carriers, such as trucks, trailers, electric vehicles, etc.; Types of mechanical structure design, electrical str

  • Introduction and Applications of Mobile Stage Trucks

    Mobile stage truck is a special model for mobile performances, such as mobile commercial performances, wedding performances, promotional activities, etc. Mobile stage truck has the advantages of professional design, convenient and fast construction, strong performance adaptability, safety and reliab

  • Applications of Mobile Stage Truck for Sale

    Mobile stage truck is a special truck that is convenient for mobile performances and can be unfolded into a stage. The truck is equipped with an outdoor LED large screen, a fully automatic hydraulic stage, and professional audio lighting, which can be modified according to the characteristics of the

  • Features and Advantages of LED Exhibition Trucks

    Exhibition vehicle, also known as display truck, roadshow trucks and publicity cars, are customized products according to customer needs, allowing the display truck to go directly to the community to promote products, allowing users to experience the charm of the product directly. The fully automati

  • Advantages of Mobile LED Advertisng Trucks

    The advertising vehicle/truck consists of four parts: chassis (traction system), large screen system, power supply system, and operating system. It is widely used in publicity, product promotion, brand promotion, on-site display, sports events, concerts, and concerts of enterprises and institutions.

  • The Applications and Advantages of LED Mobile Advertising Truck

    LED mobile advertising truck is widely used in press conferences, product launches, channel investment conferences etc. Generally Speaking, mobile led advertising truck has several advantages. Quantity advantage: Compared with traditional media, it can only accept one or a few customers, while the m

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