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In order to guarantee the first-class quality, HENAN SWAN VEHICLE CO., LTD conduct many national inspections and our own company internal inspections, only vehicles that have passed all the inspections are allowed to be delivered to customers.

GB17691-2005《Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Compressed Ignition, Gaseous Fuel Ignition Engine and Vehicle Exhaust Pollutants for Vehicles(China Ⅲ、Ⅳ、Ⅴ)》(China ⅤStandard).
GB 11567.1  Side protection requirements for cars and trailers.
GB 11567.2  Rear protection requirements for cars and trailers.
GB 1589  Road vehicle profile dimensions, axle loads and quality limits.
GB 16735  Road vehicles Vehicle identification number(VIN).
GB 17691 《Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants of Vehicle Compression Ignition Engines》.
GB 17509  Car and trailer turn signal light distribution performance.
GB 4785  External Lighting and Signal Device Installation Requirements for Automobiles and Trailers.
GB/T 13594  Anti-lock braking system performance and test methods for motor vehicles and trailers.
JB/T 5943  Construction Machinery General Specifications for Welded Parts.
QC/T 252  Special vehicle styling test procedures.
QC/T  29104  Special vehicles hydraulic system hydraulic oil solid pollution limit.
QC/T 484  Automotive paint coating.
QC/T 453  Vans.
QC/T584 Automobile chassis product quality inspection and evaluation method.
GB/T 20350.1/2/3 High-strength cold continuous rolling steel plate and strip for automobile.
GB/T 3273Hot-rolled steel plate and strip for automobile girders.
GB/T3766 Hydraulic system general technical conditions.
GB/T20238 Wooden floor coverings, acceptance and use specifications.
HBC17-2003 Wood flooring, artificial wood panels.
GB/T9846(1—8) Plywood.
GB/T15036 wooden floor.
GB/T18103Composite floor.
GB/T11718 Medium density fiberboard.

Customers have no need to worry about product quality, and we will test-run our vehicle and inspect every detail to ensure prodcut quality. In addition, we also provide timely after-sale service for our customers, and they may contact us at any time if there is any operation questions or problems after deliver. Henan Sugava Vehicle will send our reply as soon as possible.