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Spider Lift

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Spider lifts, also known as spider cherry pickers or tracked aerial lifts, are a type of lift equipment that is gaining popularity in various industries. These spider scissor lifts are designed to work in restricted spaces and on challenging terrain, which makes them an ideal choice for many uses. Spider platform lift is perfect for areas where there is limited access, buildings with height restrictions, and rough or uneven terrain.

Spider lift for sale is gaining popularity in many industries, from construction to agriculture. As they are versatile, they can be used for a wide range of applications, such as:

1. Inspection and maintenance

2. Cleaning and painting

3. Tree trimming and pruning

4. Facade maintenance and repair

5. Sign installation and repair

6. Electrical and lighting maintenance

7. Emergency response and rescue operations

One of the primary advantages of spider aerial lifts is that they are compact and can fit through narrow doorways or gaps. They have a low profile, which allows them to pass through tight spaces and work on delicate surfaces without causing damage. Lift spider is ideal for working in confined spaces such as factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings where there is little room to maneuver.

Moreover, electric spider lifts are self-leveling and can handle rough terrain, like slopes or uneven ground. They have sturdy, spider-like legs that adjust to the terrain, offering superior stability and balance on different surfaces. With this feature, spider lifting equipment can work safely and access areas that conventional aerial lifts cannot reach.

Another advantage of small spider lifts is their high reach. They can be equipped with booms that can reach up to 170 feet, making them ideal for working on tall buildings and structures. Operators can easily maneuver the boom in different directions, allowing them to access hard-to-reach areas and work at various angles.

Spider lifts are also easy to transport, making them an ideal choice for contractors working on different projects across different locations. They can fit in standard trailers or even the back of a pickup truck and can be set up quickly, saving contractors valuable time and resources.

Spider lifts are versatile machines that offer flexibility, stability, and high reach. They are ideal for working in tight spaces, on rough terrain, and on delicate surfaces. With their self-leveling capabilities, sturdy legs, and compact design, spider lifts are perfect for various industries and offer a range of benefits to contractors and workers. Contact us to get our spider lift price list now if interested.

1Max.working height26m
2Max. platform height24m
3Min. platform height14m
4work platform length11.8m
5Work platform width230kg
6Platform extension size2
7Whole machine heifht (Fence exoansion)1700×700×1100mm
8Whole machine heifht (Fence folded)360°continuous
9Whole machine length±90°
10Whole machine width0.2~0.3rpm
11Rated load6500mm
12Extended platform safe work load1100mm
13Max. workers2200mm
14Driving speed(folded mode)230mm
15Driving speed(lifting)4790kg
16Lifting motor22MPa
17Driving motor48V12Kw/4.516cc
18Lifting/falling time30%
19Max. climbing capacityX-1.5,Y-3
20Max.operating angle4Km/h
22Driving mode230*48*86 traceless track
23Wheel size48V3.5KW*2 motor
24Storage batteryMixing arm
25Battery chargerremote control
26Whole machine weightManual emergency pump

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