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We Will Attend The Brazil-China Trade Fair 2018

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Brazil-China Trade Fair is the largest exhibition in the country and the industry that involved in the most comprehensive China merchandise trade show. Brazil is the largest country in South America, and its GDP ranks first in South America. In 2018, Brazil's total population was about 212 million, which ranks the fifth in the world.

The Brazil-China Trade Fair mainly displays mobile phones, PCs, storage devices, electronic products, electronic game equipment, radio remote control camera equipment, smart wearable products, various remote control devices and electronic components.

Information of The Brazil-China Trade Fair  2018

Brazil China Trade Fair 2018

This year's show is held from 19th to 21th in September, which will have a dedicated focus on nine product segments: Agriculture & Food, Building Materials, Consumer Electronic, Furniture, Home Appliances, Textiles and Garments, Home Products, Gifts as well as Lights and Lamps, featuring leading manufacturers and suppliers. Our Booth is C111, and welcome to visit our booth at any time if interested.