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Welcome to Meet Us at China (South Africa) Trade Fair 2018

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China (South Africa) Trade Fair 2018 will be held from 26th to 28th in September, 2018. The exhibition is a good cooperation for China’s enterprises and African countries. South Africa is Africa's largest economy. It is located at the intersection of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the trading hub of southern Africa. The trade population reaches 113 million. China has become South Africa's largest trading partner and largest source of imports for six consecutive years.

Exhibition Information of The China (South Africa) Trade Fair 2018

The Exhibition Scope of China (South Africa) Trade Fair 2018China-(South-Africa)-Trade-Fair-2018

Homewares exhibition area: home textiles, clothing and fabrics, furniture and accessories, home decoration products, household appliances and consumer electronics, lamps, home decoration and decoration materials, kitchen and bathroom products, food, consumer goods, gifts.

Industrial electromechanical exhibition area: engineering machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, garden tools and equipment, food processing and packaging machinery and materials, printing machinery and materials, plastic machinery, recycling machinery, environmental water treatment and pump valve HVAC, hardware tools and bearings , petrochemical equipment and materials, generator sets, welding equipment and other electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories.

Welcome to visit our booth at anty time, and our booth number is 3D 115.