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Are You Familiar With Mobile Stage Truck?

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Mobile stage truck is a mobile stage that is convenient for mobile performances and can start a special car on the stage.

Combining transportation, stage, rest and integration, combine the national advanced stage professional technology with advanced automotive technology, combines multiple advanced technologies, compared with fixed stage, its professionalism, safety, performance, performance The use of use, durability of use, maintenance of maintenance, high quality of service, and the mobilization stage truck province to traditional platforms, saving effort and effort and effort, simple and reliable operation, complete features, and beautiful appearance.

Therefore, the current performance stage has broad market prospects.

A comparative analysis of the mobile stage truck

1. The safety factor in the stage of the stage has changed a lot

The temporary stage of the scene is mostly used for the use of iron frame structures, wooden frame structures, sand mixed iron racks, and wood mixed iron frames. These construction methods use the "well" -based architecture, and the structure is relatively stable. However, the service life is limited, and it is prone to hidden dangers such as aging and deformation after multiple stitching. The mobile stage truck uses a box -type car -type chassis, supports the structure to support the ground with hydraulic brackets, reducing the burden on the main beam, and increasing stability and safety. The top box plate uses the lift structure, which has significantly improved the safety in terms of safety. Moreover, the entire stage truck has a smaller weight of the stage, and the material is relatively strong. It is difficult to aging and has a long service life.

mobile stage truck china

2. The design and artistry of the stage setting are greater

The temporary stage countertop uses wood synthetic materials as the layout, which is insufficient stability, and the moisture is easy to deform, which has potential problems that affect the actor's performance. The mobile stage truck stage panel is composed of steel frames, wooden keels, wooden floors, and is suitable for performances. It is divided into fixed stage tablet and event stage plates. It has a long service life and stable performance. It is not easy to deform and break. And the stage of stage audio layout, lighting, and debugging table layout have been uniformly designed. The stage space was expanded to the greatest extent, adding the scope of performance and the decoration of the scene.

3. There has been a large change in the construction of the stage

Temporary stage construction is small, large in engineering operations, inconvenient materials maintenance and transportation, and high costs. During the construction process, only a few operators need to be used for simple operations during the construction process. A professional stage for comprehensive application. In the case of high performance frequency, the cost of flowing stages is significantly reduced compared with the temporary stage, which reduces the cost to the performance unit, increases the performance of the performance, and facilitates the people. 1.3.4 have made great breakthroughs in recycling after use.

There are a series of problems such as difficulty recycling, inconvenient transportation, and maintenance fees after use. After the performance of the flow stage truck is performed, the transportation and transportation will be integrated, and it will not leave the construction traces that are not easy to remove and build garbage in the performance field. It has a essential breakthrough than temporarily setting up a stage.