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Are You Looking for Mobile LED Advertising Trucks?

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Advertising trucks are also called advertising vehicles. It refers to a special car specially used for advertising. With the continuous innovation of technology, the advertising vehicle is equipped with large LED screens (according to clarity, it can be divided into P4 display, P5 display, P6 display screen ), and it is also called LED advertising car. LED advertising promotion is mainly based on rolling light box cars, and the LED advertising vehicle is dominated. LED promotional vehicle consists of four most of the dedicated vehicle chassis, large -screen system, power supply system and operating system. Mobile publicity vehicles are widely used in the publicity, brand promotion, sports events, on-site display, product promotion, concert and draft activities etc. It can also display, communicate, and interact with audiences or consumers in the bustling business districts, squares, residential communities, squares and other areas.

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The LED advertising vehicle is the accompanying product after the rise of the LED industry. It is an organic combination of automobiles with large LED display, three -dimensional video animation forms, rich and diverse content, real -time display graphic information, and a new type of communication medium that can be promoted by mobile advertising. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, draft activities, sales site display, sports events, concerts, etc. It can be displayed, exchanged and interacted on -site, and the scope of publicity can be extensive, and the maximum advertising effect can be effectively obtained.

As an information output device from the LED screen, the mobile body is used as a heavy body advertising device. It can change the position itself. Generally, it comes with sound, computer and other equipment, which belongs to one of the advertising cars.

The advantage of LED mobile advertising truck is full color screen, with high brightness, stable performance and impact resistance. The screen is realistic, clear and dynamic, and is equipped with a optical control system. It can adjust the brightness of the screen outdoor light to adjust the screen and move it convenient. You can change the location and change the information at any time without the need to install the disassembly process. The combination of screen movements can complete multiple forms, multi -oriented, and multiple types of information publishing.