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Attractive Advertising & Performance Vehicle-Mobile Stage Truck

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The mobile stage truck is a special vehicle that is convenient for mobile performances and can be unfolded into a stage. It mainly includes two parts: the chassis part and the upper part. The hydraulic cylinder controls the deployment to form the stage top, and the bottom plate deploys four hydraulic cylinders to control the stage, eliminating the need for traditional stage setting procedures, saving time and effort, simple, safe and reliable operation, complete functions and beautiful appearance.

Features of Mobile Stage Truck

1. Professional design

Extend the stage opening and the clear height of the stage to the maximum extent, the ceiling has a strong bearing capacity, preset light stands and set booms, professional stage process design and industrial design.

2. Operational safety

It is the first to apply a special guide mechanism for vertical lifting, and set up hydraulic outriggers, so that the ceiling can be lifted safely and smoothly, and the carriage and stage surface are stable and flat, with a professional design of outdoor wind resistance.

3. Performance adaptability

Interfaces such as lighting, sound, subtitles, curtains, power supply, scenery, and hanging points are reserved, with good scalability. The floor of the stage meets the needs of professional performances, and all equipment can be installed in place within 10 minutes without climbing the load.

4. Maintenance economy

Using hydraulic control technology, it is easy to set up the stage, only one driver and troupe lighting and sound engineer are required, saving time and personnel costs.

5. Durability

The entire vehicle and the complete set of mechanical operating mechanisms are designed and manufactured in accordance with professional standards, which can adapt to various harsh environments and high-strength and high-density use.

mobile stage vehicle manufacturer

Description of the structure and function of the stage car:

1. Mobile stage vehicle: It is deployed and built into a stage with a ceiling and a stage version through a mechanical device, and is equipped with special devices such as stage lighting, sound, etc., as well as a special van-type vehicle such as a power interface.

2. Stage ceiling: a structural device used to hang lamps and scenery above the stage, and can block wind, rain and sunlight.

3. Top panel: the top panel of the car body, which is used as a fixed part of the stage ceiling after being raised.

4. Side panel: the side panel of the car body, which is used as an integral part of the stage after being unfolded or raised. The side panels of the box, unfolded or raised as part of the stage.

5. Stage plate: It is composed of brackets, reinforced keels, and bamboo sandwich floors (wear-resistant and noise-reducing), which is suitable for performances; the supporting mechanism installed on the vehicle frame or sub-frame is used to support the stage body during performances. A device with no settlement, no shaking, and a stable base stage plane has been formed.

6. The stage plate slide: the slideway that expands and folds with the active stage plate.

7. Stage plate support rod: a mechanical device used to support the movable stage plate, which can adjust the width.

8. Lighting pole: It is arranged on the ceiling and is a special structure for hanging lamps and lanterns

9. Scene pole: It is arranged on the ceiling and is used to hang special structures such as performance sets.

10. Electric control box: a control box for placing the power distribution equipment and dimming equipment required for the performance.

11. Stage mouth: close to the audience side, the rectangular area on the upper surface of the stage platform and the lower surface of the ceiling.

12. Clear height of the stage: the distance between the top surface of the stage plate and the lowest point of the ceiling.

13. Lifting guide frame: a frame structure that is fixedly connected to the frame or sub-frame, prevents the ceiling from tilting during the vertical lifting process, and plays a stabilizing role for the whole vehicle and the stage during driving and performance.

14. The whole box body adopts the combined skeleton of stamping parts, the outer plate is aluminum alloy plate, the interior is waterproof plywood, and the stage plate is a special stage anti-skid plate.

15. The right outer plate and the right side of the top plate are hydraulically lifted to a vertical position with the table top to form a ceiling for sunshade, rain protection, fixed lighting and a bearing surface for advertisements.

16. The inner plate (stage plate) on the right side is folded in two. It is used as a stage after being turned over hydraulically. The stage is equipped with extension plates on the left and right, and a T-shaped table in the front.

17. The stage board is made of waterproof, non-slip and fireproof ventral plywood.