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Basic Introduction of Swan Mobile Stage Truck

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What are the components of the mobile stage truck? The stage truck is mainly composed of the stage roof, the top board, the stage trolley, the stage plate slide, the stage plate support rod, the lighting rod, the scenery rod, the electric control box, the stage mouth, the stage clear height, the lifting guide frame etc. 

What are the characteristics of the mobile stage truck?

Design professionalism. Extend the stage head and stage net height to a large extent, the ceiling has strong carrying capacity, preset lamp stands and scenery hangers, professional stage craft design and industrial design. Operational safety. It is the first to apply the special guiding mechanism for vertical lifting, and is equipped with hydraulic outriggers to make the ceiling lift safe and stable, the carriage and the stage are stable and flat, with professional outdoor wind resistance design.

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Stage vehicles are widely used for various promotional activities and small-scale performances. The mobile stage vehicles are cheap and the carriages are of moderate length, making it easy to turn around in the corners of the countryside. It is deeply loved by grassroots bands and performance teams.

 There are many optional chassis for stage vehicles, generally FAW Jiefang, JAC Dayun, Foton Kangrui, Dayun and other chassis. The chassis configuration is roughly the same, and the main difference lies in the engine.

 Single-sided unfolding stage truck: The top of the box is lifted up to form the top of the stage, and the other side is unfolded to form the top of the stage. The box can be raised and lowered by 1.3 meters to form the top of the stage. The main stage is 18-24 square meters and uses 12 cylinders. The rest are optional.

 Double-sided unfolding stage truck: the top can be raised and lowered, the stage car box is unfolded on both sides, with stages on both sides, the box height is 3.3 meters, the main stage is 24 square meters, the use of 16 cylinders, and the rest are optional.

Three-sided stage vehicle: the box is extended on both sides, the back door is downward, the main stage area is 48 square meters, and 17 cylinders are used.

Generally, customers of our stage vehicles buy three-show or double-show stage vehicles. Because the price is not much different, almost every stage car customer hopes that the stage area can be larger. Henan Swan Vehicle is a professional stage truck manufacturer with over 30 years experience, which have high reputation at home and abroad. Contact us for free quote now!