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Features and Advantages of LED Exhibition Trucks

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Exhibition vehicle, also known as display truck, roadshow trucks and publicity cars, are customized products according to customer needs, allowing the display truck to go directly to the community to promote products, allowing users to experience the charm of the product directly.

The fully automatic exhibition truck realizes the functions of small car large shop, small car large stage, fully automatic opening and equipped with LED background with a pioneering unfolding structure. And professional research and development of a fully automatic display propaganda vehicle.

LED exhibition stage truck

Features of LED Exhibition Truck

➢Ultra HD P5LED outdoor full color screen.

➢Fully automatic expansion box to increase the area for display and small talk.

➢There is an automatic hydraulic stage to provide performance space.

➢No noise lithium battery power supply, 8 48V50AH lithium batteries can last for 10 hours; the front of the car can be charged.

➢Automatic hydraulic lifting, which can be raised by 1700cm.

➢There is a sliding glass door behind the lifting screen, and the box is equipped with an air conditioner.

➢Easy to move, you can change the location and change information at any time, without installation and disassembly process.

Product pictures can be pasted on the display car compartment, and the LED screen will play animation and sound synchronously, which has strong appeal and can greatly attract the attention of the audience and enhance the publicity effect. It is also a mobile commodity exhibition hall, which has the unique advantage of where more people go, with stronger mobility and wider coverage.

It is such a flexible, convenient and brand-new display platform as the display truck, which can perfectly combine the characteristics of the brand exhibition and display with the vehicle.

The display truck is a mobile outdoor exhibition hall, which integrates the characteristics of product display, business negotiation, brand interaction etc., and is welcomed by brand enterprises and exhibition companies.

As a provider of customized solutions for LED mobile exhibition vehicles, Henan Swan Vehicle has provided customers with hundreds of different types of LED advertising vehicle design solutions, involving various types of chassis carriers, such as trucks, trailers, electric vehicles, etc. Types of mechanical structure design, electrical structure design; different types of multimedia terminals and controls, such as remote touch, multimedia interaction, 3D holographic projection, etc.; various size requirements, resolution requirements of LED displays, and other digital media types; Provide professional solutions according to customer needs. Contact us to customize your own exhibition truck now!