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Good Exhibition and Advertising Vehicle - Mobile Stage Truck

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Flow stage truck is a kind of convenient mobile performance, and can be unfolded into a stage of special cars, it mainly includes the chassis part and the upper part of the two parts, the upper part is composed of the top plate side plate bottom plate, and the side plate and the top plate are controlled by four hydraulic cylinders to unfold the top of the stage, the bottom plate unfolds four hydraulic cylinders to control the stage, eliminating the traditional platform procedure, saving time and effort, simple and safe and reliable operation, complete functions, beautiful appearance. The car has obtained a national patent.

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Mobile stage truck characteristics

1. Design professionalism to maximize the extension of the stage entrance and stage net height, strong ceiling bearing capacity, preset lamp stand and set boom, professional stage process design and industrial design.

2. Operation safety

Take the lead in applying a special guidance mechanism for vertical lifting, and set up hydraulic legs to make the ceiling lift safe and stable, the carriage and stage surface stable and flat, with professional field wind resistance design.

3. Performance adaptability

Reserve lighting and sound. Caption. Curtain. Power supply. Set. Lifting points and other interfaces, with good scalability, the floor of the stage meets the needs of professional performances, and all equipment can be installed in place in 10 minutes without climbing the load.

4. Maintenance economy

Using hydraulic control technology, the platform is easy to set up, only need to be equipped with a driver and the troupe lighting engineer, saving time and personnel costs.

5. Durability

The whole vehicle and a full set of mechanical operating mechanisms are designed and produced in accordance with professional standards, which can adapt to the driving of various harsh environments and high-intensity and high-density use.

Basic functions of mobile stage trucks

First, the professional mobile stage truck requires that its hydraulic power part is safe and reliable, easy to open, strong mobility, light curb weight, the stage and ancillary items meet the performance requirements, and the stage deployment and ceiling lifting must be automated.

Second, the design of the roof of the mobile stage truck, it is necessary to reserve space for the stage truck lights and sound to facilitate the decoration and stage design of the mobile stage truck. The lighting and sound equipment of the stage truck must meet the requirements of most performances.

Third, professional mobile stage trucks require independent hydraulic systems. Individual mobile stage cars can also have independent power generation systems to facilitate the power supply of mobile stage car lights and sounds.

Fourth, after the stage roof of the mobile stage truck is closed, it must have a transportation function, which can transport the performance equipment and some performers equipped by the stage truck.