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How to Choose the Suitable Mobile Stage Truck?

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There are many models of stage trucks. How do you choose a mobile stage truck that suits you. Swan Vehicle will give you some suggestion.

1. Select a mobile stage truck according to different purposes

The selection of the mobile stage truck is related to the application of the stage. For example, some customers use stage trucks to facilitate the sale of goods, so they choose a stage truck that has horizontal expansion of 18 square meters. The right outer panel and the right roof of the stage truck are lifted to a vertical position by hydraulic and platform to form a roof with sunshade, rainproof, fixed lighting and advertising bearing surface. If you use a wedding truck, you can choose a double-sided expansion of 24 square meters. If you need a big performance, you need to choose a 60-80 square meter stage truck. Manufacturers can customize according to the specific needs of users, such as Swan Vehicle.

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2. Select the mobile stage truck according to the budget amount and its own needs

The main customers of the mobile stage truck are social groups or government-funded purchases, as well as some theaters, enterprises that engaged in red and white wedding and other purchases. Due to different economic conditions and the strength of the company, their budget is also different. At this point, we need to buy the required stage truck according to the actual situation. In order to have enough funds and intend to adapt to the future stage performance, you can choose to have LED full color screen or LED stage truck.

3. Select a mobile stage truck according to the local cultural background

China is a multicultural country with a complex cultural background, rich literary and artistic life. Whether for public or commercial purposes, the stage truck should be closely linked to the local cultural background. If the mobile trolley is combined with local culture as the carrier of cultural services, the stage truck will increase the intensity of culture to the countryside, improve the comprehensive utilization of cultural resources, and enrich the life of grassroots people.

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