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Introduction and Applications of Mobile Stage Trucks

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Mobile stage truck is a special model for mobile performances, such as mobile commercial performances, wedding performances, promotional activities, etc. Mobile stage truck has the advantages of professional design, convenient and fast construction, strong performance adaptability, safety and reliability, and it is very popular all over the world.

The appearance of the stage truck looks similar to that of a van. The stage truck is unfolded on three sides, which gives the audience a better visual sense and allows more people to watch the performance.

The stage ceiling is a steel frame structure, which is strong and durable. The ceiling is raised hydraulically, which is easy to operate. It is equipped with sunshade, rain shielding and other equipment. The ceiling can also hang lamps, scenery, speakers and other props.

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The entire stage truck takes the floor of the carriage as the main body, with auxiliary stage boards connected on both sides. The unfolding and retracting of the stage boards are controlled manually, and the auxiliary stage boards are supported by movable steel columns to ensure the safety and stability of the stage.

This mobile stage truck is also equipped with an electronic display screen. The three electronic display screens total 12 square meters. The large screen in the middle is matched with the small screens on both sides, which is symmetrical and fashionable. The stage makes no difference.

The stylish and beautiful stage also needs enough power to support. This car adopts the special chassis of Universiade New Opry, equipped with 126 horsepower in Dewei Yunnei, China VI emission standard, Sino-foreign joint venture engine, strong power, economical and environmental protection.

The tires of mobile stage trucks are 7.00R16 steel wire tires, and there is a spare tire under the rear of the vehicle. Compared with nylon tires, steel wire tires have lower driving resistance and more reliable quality.

The gearbox of this stage car adopts Fast fifth gear. Fast gearbox is reliable in quality, affordable in price and convenient in maintenance, so it has been recognized by the majority of users.

In general, the appearance and configuration of this mobile stage car are at the forefront of fashion, and are more prominent in the same model. Henan Swan Vehicle is a professional mobile stage truck manufacturer, and we can custom your own mobile stage truck with personal requirement. Contact us for free inquiry now!