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Introduction of Advertising Promotional Vehicles

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Advertising promotional vehicles are composed of four most of the four parts: chassis (traction system), large screen system, power supply system, and operating system. It is widely used in the publicity, product promotion, brand promotion of enterprises and institutions. And draft activities, etc. You can also display, communicate, interact with audiences or consumers in the prosperous commercial districts, squares, residential communities, squares and other areas, etc., and have a wide range of publicity, which can allow customers to achieve the greatest advertising results.

Its advantage

Flow Advertising

1. It is not restricted by geographical location. It can be in-depth and widely publicized in any target market area required by customers such as streets, alleys, communities, and trade zones.

2. According to the customer's needs, you can go back and forth through the fixed lines all day, or choose to promote the line by yourself, get rid of the constraints of the geographical environment, and have the characteristics of strong liquidity and a wide audience.

3. The advertising buses are promoted for 8 hours a day, and the journey within the area can reach about 50 kilometers. Its advertising audience can spread more than 150,000.

4. The advertising screens on the advertising car can be thousands of changes in color and shape according to the characteristics of the product. It is unique, colorful, full of three -dimensional, and has a strong visual impact.

5. Each car with a six -square -meter six -sided advertising picture, the advertising distance is more than 350m

6. The effect of the broadcast is obviously eye -catching, that is, a huge outdoor mobile billboard

On-site dissemination

1. Key points such as prosperous business points, squares, parks and other regions and target consumers conduct on -site display, communication, interaction, and extensive promotion, which can allow customers to obtain the largest advertising effect.

led advertising vehicle

The application scope of the LED advertising truck

First: Policy guide

China Merchants Association: Published by the government investment promotion information

Press conference: The government departments held a press conference as the background, or used as a direct platform.

Commodity circulation

Product promotion and sales: as the background of product promotion cruise activities and promotional activities, display platforms, etc.

Brand establishment and promotion: As a complete way of brand, it can be used as a background of various activities, live broadcast platforms, parade display, etc.

Establishing and maintenance of corporate image: The background of various activities such as corporate image reports, live broadcast platforms, and patrol display.

Outdoor activities

Patrol display: Merchant promotional information releases parade, such as building opening, brand promotion and other public relations activities.

Outdoor live broadcast: sports events, concerts, concerts, car movies and other entertainment show live broadcast live broadcast.

Celebration ceremony: Merchant opening, ribbon -cutting foundation, award ceremony, anniversary celebration and other celebrations of various celebrations.

Public utilities

Popularization of popular science knowledge: public transportation safety, fire knowledge. The popularization of various popular science popularization such as environmental protection knowledge.

The release of health information: The knowledge of various popular infectious disease prevention and control, the promotion of relevant information such as maternal and child health, community health and other related information and spiritual civilization.

Education information release: enrollment information announcement, popularization of various discipline education, and hot Q & A.