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Mobile Stage Truck Application and Feature

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Mobile stage truck is becoming more and more popular today. It has the function of stage performances, business performances, large speeches, mobile advertising, which can be used for live broadcasts, such as sports events, live broadcasts, concerts, promotion, exhibitions etc.

Forum lectures: forum, meeting, lectures, etc. Celebration ceremony: such as real estate opening, anniversary celebration, opening celebration, festival celebration, ribbon-cutting ceremony, awards ceremony, etc.

The stage vehicle is a vehicle used for stage performance. It can transport performances and performers. After arriving at the destination exhibition, it becomes a stage. Generally, it consists of chassis, compartment, LED screen, external decoration, power distribution system, hydraulic system, hydraulic system , stage board and overlapping structure.

mobile stage truck china

Three -sided expansion

1. Use 18 hydraulic cylinders to fully open automatically; 4 hydraulic legs fix the body (used on the stage).

2. Stage boards: Tibetan folding stage boards on the left and right sides are expanded through 2 hydraulic cylinders, which are flat with the bottom plate to form the main stage.

3. The back door flipped down through the hydraulic cylinder 90°and the bottom plate was flat to form a T -shaped stage. It can also be artificially set up on the left and right sides of the T -type stage to make up the stage board.

4. 1.8 meters extended ceiling at the rear part of the car;

5. The left and right sides can increase the stage board by 1 meter width, and the stage area reaches 48 square meters, achieving a small car stage.

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