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Mobile stage truck Usages and Specification

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Mobile stage truck is a special truck that is convenient for flowing performances and can be developed as a stage. It mainly includes two parts: chassis part and the upper part. The hydraulic oil cylinder control is the top of the stage. Four hydraulic oil cylinders are expanded on the bottom of the stage to control the stage, eliminating the traditional set of procedures, saving time, effort and saving operations, simple and reliable, full of function, and beautiful appearance.

Mobile stage truck characteristics

1. Design professionalism to the maximum extension of the stage and the stage of the stage platform and the stage of the stage, and the ceiling has a strong carrying capacity. The lamp racks and cloth booms are preset. Professional stage process design and industrial design.

2. The operational safety is the first to apply vertical lift dedicated guidance mechanisms, and set hydraulic legs to make the ceiling lifting and stable, stable and flat on the carriage and stage, and professional wild wind resistance design.

3. Performance adaptability reserved lights, audio. Subtitles. Subtracks. Power. Scene and other interfaces have good scalability. The floor of the stage meets professional performance needs. Put.

4. Maintenance economy adopts hydraulic control technology. It is easy to set up a platform. You only need to be equipped with a driver and a troupe lighting audio master to save time and personnel costs.

5. Using durability vehicles and a full set of mechanical operations are designed and produced in accordance with professional standards, which can adapt to the driving of various harsh environments and the use of high-intensity.

mobile stage truck suppliers

Structural function description of the stage truck

1. Migraphic stage trucks: The stage with the expansion of mechanical devices, built a stage with ceiling and stage version, and equipped with special devices and power interfaces such as installing stage lights and audio interfaces.

2. Stage ceiling: The structural device that is used on the top of the stage for hanging lamps and scenery, and can cover the wind, rain and sunlight.

3. Top compartment: The top plate of the carriage body is used as a fixed part of the stage ceiling.

4. The side plate: The side plate of the compartment is expanded or raised as part of the stage. The side plate of the compartment is expanded or rose as part of the stage.

5. Stage board: It is suitable for performances consisting of brackets and strengthening keel and bamboo clip floor (abrasion -resistant noise and reduction); supporting mechanisms installed on the vehicle frame or auxiliary frame, which is used to support the stage car body when performing. A device that has not been sinking, shaking, and stable.

6. Stage panel slide: Cooperate with the activities of the stage of the stage and the slide.

7. Stage panel support rod: The mechanical device used to support the event stage board can adjust the width.

8. Lighting rod: Special structures are arranged on the ceiling, used for suspension lamps

9. Scenery rod: It is arranged on the ceiling and used for special structures such as setting up performance.

10. Electric control box: The control box for power distribution equipment and lighting equipment required for the performance.

11. Stage mouth: near the audience side, the rectangular area of the surface and surface of the top of the stage.

12. The stage height of the stage: the distance between the surface and the lowest point of the ceiling on the stage of the stage.

13. Lift orientation rack: A fixed connection with the frame or auxiliary frame. It can prevent the tilt of the ceiling during the vertical liter. Driving and performances are a frame structure that plays a stable effect on the entire vehicle and the stage.

14. The overall bodies are combined with stamping parts. The outer plate is an aluminum alloy tablet. The interior is a waterproof plywood. The stage board is a special stage non -slip plate.

15. On the right side of the right side and the right side of the top plate, the hydraulic pressure is lifted to the vertical position from the table to form a surface shed and advertising on the surface of sunshade, rain, rain, and light.

16. The right inner plate (stage board) is two folds. After the hydraulic flip is turned as the stage, the extension board is installed on the left and right of the stage, and a T -shaped table is installed in front.

17. The stage board adopts waterproof, non-slip, and fire -resistant abdominal surface plywood.