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The Advantages and Unfolding Methods of Mobile Stage Truck

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Henan Sawn vehicle is a well-know mobile stage truck manufacturer in China, and we produce all kinds of mobile stage trucks for sale with the following advantages. 

 1. The professional design maximizes the stage opening and the clear height of the stage. The ceiling has a strong bearing capacity, preset lamp stands and set booms, professional stage craft design and industrial design. 

2. Operational safety Take the lead in applying the special guide mechanism for vertical lifting, and set up hydraulic outriggers, so that the ceiling can be lifted safely and smoothly, and the carriage and stage surface are stable and flat, with professional design of wind resistance in the field. 

3. Performance adaptability The stage truck reserves lighting, audio, subtitles, curtains, power supply, scenery, hanging points and other interfaces with good scalability. The floor of the stage meets the needs of professional performances, and all equipment can be installed in 10 minutes without climbing the load in place. 

4. Maintenance economy Stage truck adopts advanced technology, which is easy to set up. It only needs to be equipped with a driver and a troupe lighting and sound engineer, which saves time and personnel costs. 

5. Durability of using The entire vehicle and a full set of mechanical operating mechanisms are designed and manufactured in accordance with professional standards, which can adapt to various harsh environments and high-strength and high-density use. 

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There are three ways to unfold the mobile stage truck: 

One-sided unfolding: the stage opening is on the side, one is that the box body is unfolded on one side to form a stage, and the top of the box body is lifted up or half-lifted to form the top of the stage; the other is that the built-in stage board is unfolded to form a stage table, the top and one side of the box. The body can be raised and lowered to form the top of the stage. The main stage area is about 18-40 square meters. 

Mobile stage truck is a kind of special car that is convenient for mobile performance and can be unfolded into a stage. It mainly includes two parts: the chassis part and the upper part. The stage top is controlled by four hydraulic cylinders, and the bottom plate is controlled by four hydraulic cylinders to form a stage, which saves time and effort, saves time, and saves time. The car has won the national patent. 

Double-sided unfolding: The top of the box can be lifted and lowered, and the box can be unfolded on both sides, rising together with the boxes on both sides to form a stage ceiling. The clear height of the stage is about 3.3 meters. After the built-in stage board is unfolded, the main stage area is about 24-60 square meters, and the left and right sides of the car can be used as stage entrances. 

Unfolding on three sides: The car body is unfolded on both sides, and it rises 1.3-meter together with the roof of the car to form a stage ceiling. The clear height of the stage space is about 3.3 meters. The rear door unfolds downward and the built-in stage board together forms the stage table, and the main stage area is about 36-100 square meters. Contact us for free quote now!