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The Characteristics and Advantages of LED Promotional Truck

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LED propaganda truck characteristics: LED outdoor motion confession car may wish to park at any time at the door of your company, square, and community at any time. Without limited space, where can there be or where you can play.

Convenient activity: might as well move freely, take up and down, and use a variety of fragmented configurations to implement assembly platforms. Only a LED advertising truck can be disposed of.

Low cost: It does not require high -priced videos and other hardware configurations, no need to hire concentrated technical employees, and not to eliminate the lease campaign, so many audiovisual configuration and stage. Only one LED advertising truck can be treated for customers. You can use stable, concentrated and high-quality mobile LED advertising truck at any time.

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Environmental protection and safety: environmental protection and energy saving, not being affected by climate, and running safely all -weather. The allocation of ancient outdoor media and revoking require a large amount of materials. The LED outdoor advertising truck does not have this abnormality in this area. At the same time, it is about urban construction. There is no situation.

Message release: news conference, product launch conference, channel investment promotion, reporter meeting, etc.

Sports roadshow: promotional sports, public relations, product promotion, brand promotion, draft sports, sales on -site display, etc.

On -site live broadcast: sports events, concerts, concerts, etc.

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