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The Composition and Configuration of Mobile Stage Truck

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Mobile stage truck is a performance stage with a ceiling and a stage board that is unfolded by a mechanical device, and is equipped with special devices such as stage lighting, sound, etc. It is a special van-type vehicle with power interface.

2. Stage ceiling

Above the stage is a structural device for hanging lamps, scenery, and shielding from wind, rain and sunlight.

3. Top panel

The roof of the carriage body is used as a fixed part of the stage roof after it is raised.

4. Side panel

The side panels of the box, unfolded or raised as part of the stage.

mobile stage truck composition

5. Stage trolley

It is composed of brackets, wooden keels and wooden floors, suitable for performances. It is divided into fixed stage boards and movable stage boards.

6. Outriggers

The support mechanism installed on the vehicle frame or sub-frame is used to support the stage body during performances, and has formed a device that has no settlement, no shaking, and a stable basic stage plane.

7. Stage plate slide

The slideway that unfolds and folds with the movable stage deck.

8. Stage plate support rod

Mechanism for supporting movable stage decks, adjustable in height.

9. Light pole

It is arranged on the ceiling and is a special structure for hanging lamps.

10. Scene pole

It is arranged on the ceiling and is used to hang special structures such as sets for performances.

11. Electric control box

A control box for placing power distribution equipment and dimming equipment required for performances.

12. Stage entrance

Close to the audience side, the rectangular area on the upper surface of the stage deck and the lower surface of the ceiling.

13. Stage Clearance

The distance between the upper surface of the stage deck and the lowest point of the ceiling.

14. Lifting guide frame

A frame structure that is fixedly connected with the frame or sub-frame, which can prevent the ceiling from tilting during vertical lifting, and is a frame structure that stabilizes the entire vehicle and the stage during driving and performance.