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The Configuration and Function Description of Mobile Stage Truck

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  • The mobile stage truck is unfolded through mechanical devices and built into a performance stage with a ceiling and a stage board, and is equipped with special devices such as stage lighting, sound as well as special van-type vehicles such as power interfaces.

  • The stage ceiling is a structural device used to hang lamps and scenery above the stage, and can block wind, rain and sunlight.

  • Top panel The top panel of the truck body is used as a fixed part of the stage ceiling after it is raised. 

  • Side panel The side panel of the truck body is used as an integral part of the stage after being unfolded or raised.

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  • The stage trolley is composed of brackets, wooden keels, and wooden floors, and is suitable for performances. It is divided into fixed stage boards and movable stage boards.

  • The supporting mechanism with the outriggers installed on the whole vehicle frame or the sub-frame is used to support the stage body during performances, and has formed a device with no settlement, no shaking, and a stable basic stage plane.

  • The slideway of the stage plate is matched with the slideway that the movable stage platen unfolds and closes.

  • The stage plate support rod is used to support the mechanical device of the movable stage plate, and the height can be adjusted.

  • The lighting pole is arranged on the ceiling and is a special structure for hanging lamps and lanterns.

  • The scenery pole is arranged on the ceiling and is used to hang special structures such as performance sets.

  • The electric control box is used to place the control box of the power distribution equipment and dimming equipment required for the performance.

  • The stage entrance is close to the audience side, the rectangular area on the upper surface of the stage platform and the lower surface of the ceiling.

  • The clear height of the stage is the distance between the upper surface of the stage board and the lowest point of the ceiling.

  • Lifting guide frame is a kind of frame structure that is fixedly connected with the frame or subframe, which can prevent the roof from tilting during the vertical lifting process, and is a frame structure that stabilizes the vehicle and the stage during driving and performance.

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