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The Leaders of the Ministry of Culture Came to Our Company to Inspect and Accept the Mobile Stage Truck

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In November 2020, the leaders of the Ministry of Culture and the expert team came to our company to inspect and accept the mobile stage truck.

As a cultural propaganda system, the mobile stage truck sends culture to the countryside, the party and government, and national policies to the countryside. It is also a convenient truck for sending warmth to the countryside. It has been highly valued by the leaders of the Ministry of Propaganda and the Ministry of Culture. Especially since 2005, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Culture have arranged funds to distribute a number of mobile stage vehicles across the country, which has alleviated the difficulty of cultural groups in the process of sending operas to the countryside, and farmers’ difficulty in seeing operas. The "bottleneck" problem of hardware inadaptability greatly facilitates the needs of national cultural groups to send dramas to the countryside and send culture to the countryside. It not only enriches the content and form of government public cultural services, but also enriches the cultural life needs of the broad masses of people. , Won the unanimous support of the broad masses of the people.

swan mobile stage truck inspection


As a professional manufacturer of mobile stage vehicles that is the earliest, most comprehensive and experienced manufacturer of mobile stage vehicles in the country, we have been paying attention to the ever-changing market needs of our customers, and constantly improving and perfecting product structure and product performance. Full of enthusiasm and working style of excellence, we are always ready to contribute our due social responsibility to the national cultural cause.

mobile stage truck inspection


The acceptance expert group listened to the work report of Henan Swan Vehicle Co., Ltd. manufacturing mobile stage truck prototype, fully reviewed relevant materials, and on-site checked the manufacturing process, equipment configuration, function demonstration, operation status demonstration, and audio of the mobile stage truck prototype. Demonstration of the effect; the distributed load of the ceiling of the stage truck and the local load bearing experiment of the floor were sampled, and the opening and closing time of the stage and the operation process of the hydraulic system were tested. After inquiries and discussions, an acceptance opinion was formed: the mobile stage truck prototype meets the acceptance requirements in the purchase contract and relevant industry standards, and some of the content is innovative, and it is agreed to pass the prototype acceptance.


The acceptance expert group affirmed the safety and reliability of the prototype, the degree of refinement, and the convenience of operation, and requested that the production and manufacturing be arranged as soon as possible, and delivered to all users, so as to play social benefits as soon as possible.