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The Maintenance of Stage Truck in The Rainy Season

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It is very necessary to maintain your stage truck in rainy season, which can guarantee the safety of operators and truck.

Maintenance of Brake and Chassis

The brake system is easy to integrate with the water, and the moisture in the brake tank is easy to enter into the brake system in the rainy seasons. If the moisture entering the brake fluid, the brake system of stage truck may out of control or cause brake failure. Therefore, we should pay attention to check whether there is any water in the brake system after continuous rainy days.

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In addition to that, the cleaning of the chassis must be carried out in a timely manner, which can wash away some of the acidic substances. Besides that, there will be sludge residue on the inside and the bottom of the tires after raining, and these places are prone to rust. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the chassis of mobile stage truck. For example, if the original truck much have good water-proof performance.

Inspection of Wiper system

As a necessary tool for mobile stage truck in rainy days, we must check each switch of wiper system and the status of the gear in time. In addition, we also should pay attention to cleaning the flow tank and drain hole at the lower part of the windshield, which can prevent rainwater from seeping into the mobile stage truck. In rainy days, we should regularly check the mobile stage truck. If the mobile stage truck encounters suspicious conditions or fault lights, it should be resolved in time, and it should not be taken carelessly. During the rainy season, the weather is hot and humid, and it is easy to kill germs. After raining, it is necessary to do de-moisture, de-humidification and sterilization work immediately.