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What are the Characteristics of Wing Van Truck for Sale?

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From a professional point of view, wing van truck for sale of Swan Vehicle has the following characteristics, such as the adoption of Dongfeng or Isuzu Chassis, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection. The detailed advantages of our Isuzu wing van truck for sale are listed as the followings: 

The box body is can be lifted, and the cargo body is provided with a cargo pressing mechanism, and the vehicle body itself can press the cargo. The box plate of 10 wheeler wing van truck is a 1.2-thick cold plate vertical corrugated structure, which is light in weight and high in strength, and it has no power-assisting mechanism and it is also easy in operation. 

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A large number of thin-walled shaped tubes and thin-plate pressed parts are used for the entire car body skeleton, and the waterproof cloth is made of high-quality aluminum alloy color-coated plates, which has good rainproof performance. The vehicle has been effectively controlled by a large number of new materials, which fully reflects the lightweight and special design requirements of our wing van truck. In addition, the entire car is equipped with a complete sealing device, which is rainproof, anti-mite and has good anti-theft performance. 

Furthermore, our wheeler wing van also has flexible hydraulic operation, stable operation, no jamming or creeping. The wing-opening van truck can be freely opened and closed, and there is no stuck phenomenon. If you are interested in our wing van truck for sale, please contact us or just call us!