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What are the Detailed Configurations of Mobile Stage Truck?

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Mobile stage truck is a special truck that is convenient for flowing performances and can be developed as the stage. It mainly includes two parts: chassis and upper parts. The upper part is composed of the bottom plate of the top plate, and the side board and the top plate are controlled by four hydraulic oil cylinders. Save the traditional setting procedures, saving time and effort, effort and saving operations, simple and reliable, complete functions, and beautiful appearance.

The van body is made of modern production line of our factory, which is sturdy and durable; it is composed of internal and external color steel plates; the stage tablet is elastic and bearing capacity to meet the requirements of the industry. To the maximum extension of the stage.

The ceiling has a lifting function, which can maximize the net height of the stage. The ceiling can choose a certain amount of lamps, sets, lighting rods, cloth rods, etc. The car can be equipped with an integrated digital lighting system, sound tuning, soundplay system, computer subtitle system, movie screening system, emergency power generation system, etc. All soft packaging, escalators, guardrails, tents and other auxiliary and safety devices in the structure of the entire performance area.

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Detailed introduction of mobile stage truck

1. The overall steel skeleton stamping is formed. The structure material of the compartment is anticorrosive and cold-tie steel plate, and the surface of the compartment surface is smooth and flat. Lights, taillights, warning lights; beautiful shapes.

2. Configure the shutters and exhaust fans with heat dissipation in front and rear; increase air circulation circulation in the compartment; ensure the air volume and exhaust volume of the unit.

3. Install lighting, luxurious ceilings and sunroofs on the top of the carriage.

4. The floor of the carriage is high -proof wood flooring; durable; the bottom plate is reserved with a ventilated port;

5. The back door of the carriage is open on the side, with a door lock and a retractable ladder; or there is a step ladder under the selection of the door.

6. Install a fixed skirt below the compartment and have a toolbox.

7. The vehicle line is safely modified, equipped with external power cords, weak electricity protection devices, etc. All electrical wiring takes PVC flame retardant pipes.

8. Surface -spray milk white paint, after painting and waxing through the entire car, the surface is bright and the paint layer is firm. According to the user requirements, the relevant text and patterns can be pasted on both sides of the compartment. The body is more beautiful.

9. The chassis structure: The van body is based on the strong frame structure of the Futian car chassis and is treated with shock insulation.