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Advantages of Mobile LED Advertisng Trucks

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The advertising vehicle/truck consists of four parts: chassis (traction system), large screen system, power supply system, and operating system. It is widely used in publicity, product promotion, brand promotion, on-site display, sports events, concerts, and concerts of enterprises and institutions. and talent shows. It can also be displayed, communicated and interacted with audiences or consumers in prosperous commercial districts, squares, residential quarters, square parks and other areas. The scope of publicity is wide, so that customers can obtain the greatest advertising effect.

Mobile communication

1. It is not limited by geographical location, and can be widely publicized in any target market area required by customers such as streets, alleys, communities, business districts, etc. according to customer needs.

2. According to the needs of customers, we can shuttle back and forth on the fixed line throughout the day, or choose the publicity line by ourselves, get rid of the constraints of the geographical environment, and have the characteristics of strong mobility and wide audience.

3. The advertising vehicle advertises for 8 hours a day, the distance in the area can reach about 50 kilometers, and its advertising audience can reach more than 200,000 people.

mobile led billboard trucks

Body Spread

1. The advertising pictures on the advertising car can be varied in color and shape according to the characteristics of the product, with unique shapes, gorgeous colors, full three-dimensional sense, and strong visual impact.

2. Six-sided advertising screen of nearly 4 square meters for each car, with a visual distance of more than 350M

3. A number of mobile led advertising vehicles are lined up to form an advertising fleet, and the simulcast effect is obviously eye-catching, which is a huge outdoor mobile billboard

Human transmission

Customers can choose to advertise on the outer packaging of the cyclist's clothing, hats, etc., and various changes can be made in the dress, thereby attracting more attention, multiplying the public's perception, increasing the visual impact of the overall image, and further enhancing Advertising efforts.

On-site communication

1. On-site display, communication and interaction with target consumers at key points in prosperous commercial points, squares, parks and other areas, with a wide range of promotions, can enable customers to obtain the greatest advertising effect.

DM spread

1. Cyclists also send product promotional materials (about 500-1000 copies/person/day).

2. Using coated paper, four-color printing, pictures and texts, highlighting the creative expression.

3. Attract and distribute to target consumer groups in need through the flow of the whole city, and the communication is more accurate.

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