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LED Advertising Truck

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LED advertising truck is the companion products after the rise of LED industry. It is a new type of communication and advertising tool that combines automobile truck, large-scale LED display and three-dimensional video animation form, which is generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, draft activities, sales show, sports events, concerts etc. Mobile led advertising truck for sale can undergo on-site display, communication and interaction, which can effectively achieve the maximum advertising effect. 

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The structure of an led mobile advertising trucks for sale generally consists of five parts, which mainly includes large screen system, power supply system, hydraulic system (some parts are not), operating system and car chassis. The power supply is generally powered by industrial 380V or by its own generator. 

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Mobile led truck advertising is an advertising media device that is very popular among outdoor people. LED advertisement truck for sale is also in line with the 21st century energy-saving and environmental protection features. Mobile digital led billboard advertising truck is outdoor new advertising media devices, which has the characteristics of wide outdoor range, and it also has the advantage of multimedia advertising of led media that has a broad market space. 

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Propagation Advantage of Advertising Trucks for sale 

  1. Saving time

The LED display background and curtain that used in traditional activities often take time to build and disassemble. The led scrolling advertising truck for sale saves the construction, disassemble and other processes that reflects the convenience of modern media. 

2. Mobile communication/Advertising Everywhere

Mobile led advertising truck is not limited by geographical location, and it can be widely publicized in any target market area required by customers, such as streets, alleys, communities, business districts, etc. 

led billboard truck

3. Good visual effect 

The current popular LED color screen is often used as the output subject, which has gorgeous color, full stereoscopic effect and strong visual impact. The unique shape of this form is easy to attract the attention of the public. LED Mobile Advertising Vehicle is the companion product of the LED industry in recent years.

It refers to the advertising device that uses the LED screen as the information output device and the mobile body as the heavy body. It can change the position itself. It usually comes with audio, computer and other equipment, and belongs to the advertising vehicle.

4. It moves quickly, and one can change the information instantly with no need to install and disassemble. Both sides can be equipped with LED screen. 

5. Mobile led advertising truck for sale can change the placement point and release content at any time either as a fixed media advertisement or as a background for various event stages. 

Henan SWAN Vehicle CO.,LTD has over 30 years truck advertising mobile led display experience,and our special vehicles have novel appearance, good advertising effect and mobile movement. We are professional led advertising truck manufacturer that can customize special trucks with specific requirement. If you want to get our led advertising truck price, please feel free to send us your requirement at any time for FREE QUOTATION.

Product NameHXC5047XXC5 Mobile LED Advertising Truck
Announcement Batch286Gross Weight:4490
Rated Weight100,165Curb Weight:4195
Max Speed100(km/h)Approach/Departure Angle(°):21/15
Front/Rear Suspension1120/1518Passenger:2,3
Number of Springs3+1/6+7Fuel Type:Diesel
Number of Tires6Tire Specifications:7.00-16 8PR,7.00R16 8PR,7.50-16 6PR,7.50R16   6PR
Front Tread15,301,730Rear Tread:14,851,590
Number of Axes2Wheelbase:3360

Chassis ModelBJ1049V9JEA-FE/-/-/-

Container Size(mm)//

Engine   ManufacturerEngine Model:Engine Capacity(ml):Engine Power(kw):
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.ISF2.8s5129T278096
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.ISF3.8s51413760105
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.ISF3.8s51543760115
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.ISF2.8s5R117278087
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.4J28TC3277181
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.ISF2.8s5148T2780110
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.4J28TC5277181
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.ISF2.8s5F130278096
PriceWith Specific Specification


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