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Advantages of Mobile LED Advertissing Truck

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1. Long service life

The service life of the light-emitting diode is more than 100,000 hours.

2. Fast response speed

This is a common feature of semiconductor devices

3. Long visual distance

The single point diameter of led can reach 52mm, and the visual distance is more than 500 meters.

4. There are many specifications and varieties

The led display has outdoor waterproof and shockproof, single-color, two-color, full-color.

5. High degree of digitalization

Fully digitalized, high-resolution graphics can be realized.

6. High brightness

For outdoor use, and the brightness can be adjusted automatically and flexibly according to the different brightness requirements of sunny and cloudy days or morning and afternoon.

7. Large viewing angle

Indoor display up to 160 degrees, outdoor up to 120 degrees.

8. Low power consumption

The maximum power consumption per square meter is not 400-700w.

9. High photoelectric conversion efficiency and power saving.

10. The dynamic response speed is fast (NS level), which can realize the display refresh speed of the video level, and the full screen refresh speed is more than 72 frames per second.

11. The driving voltage is low (DC+5V), which can directly interface with the microcomputer chip without special design of the interface circuit; it conforms to the green computer logo;

12. The program control performance is good, and it is easy to realize network operation.

led billboard truck for sale

The large-scale led advertising vehicle is a natural match between the car and the led display. The three sides of the carriage are equipped with high-precision led displays, which play animation and sound synchronously, resulting in three-dimensional dynamic sound and image perception. It is also a mobile TV station, which has the advantage of where more people go, and the coverage of advertisements is wider. It is impossible for any advertiser to cover the whole city with advertisements, because he has to consider the cost. When you choose to place an advertisement in place a, you miss the publicity of place b. In this regard, the led advertising car shows its amazing nature. It can run all over the city in a short time to maximize the spread.

If you buy an advertising truck, it is equivalent to establishing an independent small mobile TV station in the local area. The truck is equipped with independent five major systems and a special full HD LED display system. It is different from the ordinary display screen, not only has High-strength earthquake resistance and can broadcast advertising programs in any complex weather and harsh environments such as wind, rain, snow, high and low temperature, etc. With the continuous increase of advertisers in the local market, the income will increase exponentially, and the denser the population, Higher returns.