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Application and Advantages of LED Advertising Vehicle

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With the diversification of information in today's society, the means of media promotion are becoming more and more numerous, such as the Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor advertising, etc. Investors are seeking for fast, convenient and low-cost way of publicity, so that more people can quickly understand, be familiar with and accept their products.

Today we are going to introduce LED mobile advertising vehicle, which takes one-time cost, with TV animation effects, including outdoor advertising features, more intuitive than newspapers and magazines, extremely expressive, and can cause outstanding repercussions in a small area in a short period of time.

mobile led advertising vehicle

The LED advertising vehicle is mainly composed of five parts: chassis walking part, LED screen display, central control system, power supply system and (hydraulic system). The LED screen can be selected in different specifications such as P6, P8, P10 and other high-definition waterproof and shockproof. The central control system consists of media control system, industrial control computer and power amplifier, which can operate LED screen imaging quickly and easily. The power supply system can be divided into diesel generator set and battery power supply, which supports the operating system and screen power requirements. The hydraulic system is used for lifting the LED screen, which is an optional part and is suitable for specific publicity functions.

LED mobile advertising truck is a product that attracts people’s attention in such a big environment. It conforms to the trend of the times and corresponds to the needs of the society. The advertising truck has distinct characteristics and unique publicity methods, and has advantages unmatched by other media:

1. Strong mobility so that all streets and alleys in the area can be covered.

2. The way of pictures and texts is more intuitive and easy for people to accept.

3. It can be static and movable, and it can be publicized in places where people gather, and then it can be moved.

4. The cost of advertising is much lower.

5. One-time investment, long-term return.

Application scope of LED advertising truck for sale

1. Outdoor activities: such as investment conferences, product promotion and sales, parade display, celebration ceremonies, etc.

2. Public utilities: such as government meetings, news releases, outdoor live broadcasts, knowledge dissemination, information release, etc.

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