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Applications and Advantages of LED Advertising Truck

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LED advertising truck is suitable as a stage background, or a live broadcast platform for concerts, large-scale evening parties and large-scale competition venues. It can also be used as a display platform or advertising platform. LED advertising vehicles have a wide range of applications and can be used in the following places: press conferences, product launches, channel investment conferences, press conferences, shopping malls, real estate openings, etc. 

Basic Application of LED Advertising Vehicle 

  1. Business circles and campuses: It can be used as outdoor mobile LED advertising media equipment, multimedia teaching and entertainment media equipment.

  2. Advertising companies and other media industries: It can be used as a cost-effective outdoor media mobile device.

  3. Tourist attractions: It can be used as the image of tourist attractions and promotional dedicated media equipment.

  4. Etiquette and celebration service agencies: it can be used as a special LED media stage background for celebrations etc.

  5. Government units: It can be used as a media vehicle to promote policies and regulations.

  6. Entertainment venues, exhibition service agencies: It can be used as interactive LED equipment, K song function and professional exhibition display equipment.

  7. Media operation: outdoor media advertising and public information.

  8. Terminal activities: terminal promotions, public relations activities, product promotion, brand promotion, talent show activities.

  9. Live transfer/live broadcast: sports events, major events transfer/live broadcast, concerts, concerts, big news.

  10. Parade display: large-scale urban parade activities, publicity of routes on the road in the region, and commercial activities. 

  11. Celebration ceremony: real estate opening, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, festival celebration, ribbon-cutting ceremony, wedding ceremony, corporate annual meeting.

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LED advertising truck features

  1. Mobile: self-powered, easy to move.

  2. Combination: The combination of dynamic and static can meet the needs of multi-shape, multi-directional and multi-type publishing.

  3. Focus: Strong audio-visual impact and fast dissemination, the information and release location can be changed and released according to different audiences at any time so as to meet the needs of precise delivery and eliminate advertising waste.

  4. Environmentalization: It has strong flexibility and is not restricted by objective conditions such as venues. The appearance is elegant and beautiful, and it is easy to adapt to the environment.

Advantages of LED advertising vehicle

  1. It can cover major commercial districts, business and financial districts, crowded residential areas, supermarkets, stations and other areas, and travel, home, business, and shopping have the opportunity to be exposed to high-frequency advertising impacts.

  2. High arrival rate According to the survey results, body advertising is the highest arrival rate in outdoor advertising. Become a media that attracts much attention in the city. Forcing passengers to accept advertising information, the effective arrival rate is extremely high, which greatly enhances the cognitive process of advertising audiences on products and brands.

  3. High mobility It is not restricted by regions, which can shuttle to every corner of the town with deep influence, wide scope, large audience, and it is not limited by time and route. Portable advertisements can be carried anytime, anywhere Delivering information to the masses is unparalleled by other advertisements.

  4. Large-scale LED advertising vehicles are going along this road. One of its advantages is that it can display diversified information in public places, broadcast information in groups, and disseminate information in a larger scale.

Advertising is an indispensable part of today's society. The intervention of LED advertising vehicles will break the previous pattern, and cooperate with various publicity activities of companies, enterprises, governments and groups, small promotions, and large-scale exhibitions, so that people can keep abreast of the latest news. Social dynamics and business information, go out of the road of differentiation, greatly improve the use and role of advertising, with new highlights, not stick to the previous form, the advertising car of Youxuhe will escort you, you will Once and for all, get rich rewards. Anytime, anywhere, spread wonderfully and make your advertisement move! The advertising effect is good and the shock is strong! Look forward to working with you!