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Basic Introduction of Swan LED Advertising vehicles

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Advertising vehicles, also called advertising vehicles, refer to special vehicles used for advertising. With the continuous innovation of technology, advertising vehicles are equipped with large LED screens (according to the clarity, they can be divided into P4 display, P5 display, and P6 display). ), also known as LED advertising vehicles; LED advertising is mainly dominated by rolling light box vehicles and LED advertising vehicles. The LED advertising vehicle is composed of four major parts: special vehicle chassis, large screen system, power supply system and operating system. It can also be used for on-site display, communication and interaction with audiences or consumers in prosperous commercial districts, squares, residential quarters, square parks and other areas. Advertising vehicles have a wide range of publicity and strong mobility, which can promote the products to be promoted and get the maximum advertising effect.

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The electronic screen advertising vehicle is a new publicity vehicle that combines outdoor led display and truck. Common models are equipped with double-sided full HD displays and one monochrome display. The fields of application are very wide. At present, it is mainly used in the commercial field to advertise to some businesses.

The commercial field of advertising vehicle is similar to the promotion of tourist attractions, the promotion of car dealers, the promotion of restaurants and shops etc. This kind of publicity method is simple and powerful, and the repeated scrolling of the publicity screen can deepen the memory of the viewer.

The non-commercial activities of advertising vehicles mainly focus on the public welfare propaganda of some government units. Similar lectures on fire safety day, anti-drug propaganda, and ban on burning straw, etc.

All in all, the application field of advertising vehicles is very broad, basically covering all the publicity fields that can be used on the market. Reasonable and effective arrangements can achieve their own publicity purposes to a great extent, and the cost selection is relatively cheap.