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FAQs and Category of Our Food Truck for Sale

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Our food truck for sale integrates functions such as advertising, material distribution and merchandising. The cargo compartment can be unfolded on three sides according to the actual needs, and the internal structure can be flexibly adjusted. The featured advertisements are printed on the vehicle body. The place of selling can be selected at stations, school gates, pedestrian streets, leisure plazas, sports venues, tourist attractions, etc. It can also be opened to townships and towns for sale, such as fast food, cold drinks, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, department stores and other commodities. 

fast food truck

Category of Our Food Truck for Sale 

  1.  Mobile food truck

  2. Food truck trailer

  3. Lunch truck

  4. Fast food truck

  5. Coffee truck

  6. Chocolate truck

  7. Kitchen truck etc

General Configuration of Food Truck 

  1.  Water and Sink

  2. Generator and gas components

  3. Counters with shelves

  4. Full Electric Installation

  5. Fryer

  6. Micro-oven

  7. Refrigerator

  8. Others with specific requirement

FAQs of Our Food Truck for Sale 

Question 1: What is the car body material? 

A: It is constructed with outer high-strength special-purpose automobile steel plate and inner stainless steel plate. 

Question 2: How many sides can the cargo compartment be deployed? 

A: The cargo compartment is equipped with a 3-sided expansion type. The flaps on both sides can be customized to open the door, which is convenient and flexible. 

Question 3: Is the car powered? 

A: The car has a complete circuit inside, with a mains external interface (220V) and 380V dual interface. It can be installed with generator or directly connected to mains or 380V three-phase power. 

Question 4: What can a mobile dining car do? 

A: It can be used for wedding or fuel banquets, logistics support for field construction projects, logistics support, fast food box sales, etc. 

Question 5: What procedures do I need for a mobile dining car? 

A: According to the local management method, it is generally necessary to apply for industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate, and also a health permit. 

Question 6: Do mobile catering vehicles need a license? 

A: The mobile dining car needs to be licensed. The car is produced in a regular factory. Our factory issues a certificate and formalities, and it can be licensed in accordance with the announcement and local law. 

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