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Mobile Food Truck

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A food truck is a motor vehicle that is used to produce and sell food. The food truck for sale embodies its value of propaganda, distribution, on-site sales and promotion activities etc. It is suitable for image promotion of large and small retail enterprises. 

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Mobile food truck for sell has convenient movement that can be parked in leisure squares, pedestrian streets, stations, docks, campuses, celebration events, sports venues, tourist attractions, etc. In addition, it can also be drove to the outskirts and towns. Swan fast food trucks can be used to produce and sell many types of foods, such as coffee, hamburger, drinks, dessert, snacks etc, which are very popular and successful food trucks that are available on the worldwide market. 

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The reason that people want to order a food truck from us is because we can customize their own logo and brand, which is very necessary for their brand advertising and recognition. We offer food trucks for parties, food pantry truck, gourmet food truck and others, which is of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, complete function and competitive price.  

The internal structure of our small food truck can be adjusted according to actual needs, and high-quality materials have been added to the interior decoration pattern. For example, the interior side panels are covered with a home decorative panel and pressed with aluminum strips, and our new food truck is a multi-functional and multi-zone light mobile sales vehicle. 

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Features and Advantages of Swan Food Service Trucks 

  1. It meets the needs of customers that may have a limited budget but want to earn more money.

  2. Our food truck can be modified as local food trucks according to customer requirements, which will also meet the using purposes, such as breakfast series, ice cream series, burgers, juice, snow melt cold drinks, popcorn and others.

  3. The mini food truck is equipped with merchandise shelves for sale. The left and right sides of the car can be equipped with a flip visor, the bar can be turned down, or the door can be opened or double-opened, or closed. 4.Our truck food has got famous certificate recognition, which is a total assurance in aspects of product quality and brand reputation.

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Where to get a food truck? People often tend to find food trucks around me, but some of them are not as matched as ours. Of course, there are also many food truck manufacturers, food truck supplies and food truck dealers existed on the global market, and it it hard for customers to distinguish and recognize. So, why not find food trucks from us? We will send you the detailed food truck cost and product information as soon as possible. Why not just leave us a message? Up to 30% OFF! Free Qotation! 100+ Models! Contact Now! 

Commodity:            Food Truck            
Public Announcement Batch Of Vehicle:            227            Gross Weight:            4,490kg            
Rated Weight:            890kg            Curb Weight:            3,470kg            
Max. Speed:            95(km/h)            Approach/Departure   Angle(°):            23/17            
Front/Rear Suspension:            1105/1465            Passenger:            2            
Number of Springs:            7/4+5            Fuel Type:            Diesel            
Number of Tyre:            6            Type of Tyre:            7.00R16,7.00-16            
Front Tread:            1440            Rear Tread:            1425            
Axle:            2            Wheelbase:            3360            
Overall Dimension(mm):            5930*2080*2850(L*W*H)            
Chassis:            HFC1040K2R1T/-/-/-            
Dimension of Box Body(mm):            3650*1870*1850(L*W*H)            
Manufacturer of Engine:            Model of Engine:            Displacement(ml):            Power(kw):            
JAC            HFC4DA1-2B2            2771            88            
JAC            HFC4DA1-2B1            2771            80            


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