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The Applications and Advantages of LED Mobile Advertising Truck

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LED mobile advertising truck is widely used in press conferences, product launches, channel investment conferences etc. Generally Speaking, mobile led advertising truck has several advantages.


Quantity advantage: Compared with traditional media, it can only accept one or a few customers, while the media car can accept multiple or even dozens of customers.

Cost advantage: Information is released very quickly. Compared with traditional media, the process and cost of complicated copying are reduced, and the content can be updated according to customer needs.

Investment advantage: The media car uses medium led screen, and the operating cost is much lower than the wall-mounted super-large LED screen.

Innovative advantages: The work of professional designers has a unique appearance and can become a beautiful landscape for urban development and construction.

Advertising advantage: Compared with traditional media, mobile led advertising truck combines movement and static, and is much closer to the audience with strong visual impact.

Functional advantages: The media car can accept video signals and TV signals, and can be used as a platform for outdoor live broadcasts and live broadcasts.

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Besides that, mobile LED advertising vehicles also have the following advantages:

1. Save time. The LED display background and big screen used in traditional activities take time to build, disassemble and assemble. The advertising vehicle eliminates the need for construction, disassembly and other processes, reflecting the convenience and speed of modern media.

2. Flowing dissemination is not restricted by geographical location, and can be in-depth and extensively promoted in any target market area required by customers, such as streets, alleys, communities, and business districts, according to customer needs.

3. Good visual effect. As the current popular LED full-color display is used as the output main body, the color is brilliant, the three-dimensional effect is full, and it has a strong visual impact. The unique form itself can easily attract the public's attention.

LED screen advertising has more publicity effect, and it can attract the attention of the masses with ideal publicity effect. The high-definition LED publicity vehicles produced by Henan Swan Vehicle can be colorful and diverse, and users in demand are welcome to visit the factory.