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The Difference Between LED Advertising Vehicles and LED Mobile Stage Vehicles

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LED advertising vehicles and LED mobile stage vehicles are currently the hottest outdoor advertising tools on the market. Many customers and friends feel that there is not much difference between the two, and they don’t know how to choose the right advertising vehicle for their business. In fact, LED advertising vehicles and LED mobile stage vehicles are two different models with different functions. Customers and friends must first understand their actual needs before purchasing the most suitable model. Perhaps, many customers and friends do not understand the difference between the two. 

As professional LED advertising truck manufacturer, Henan Swan Vehicle will analyze the difference between the two. 

mobile led advertising truck

The common ground 

Both LED advertising truck with stage and stage truck with LED display can play a role in publicity for enterprises, can help businesses do activities, and bring convenience to people. 

The difference 

1. The difference in appearance between the two models. In fact, there is no big difference in appearance between LED advertising vehicles and stage vehicles, so many vehicles are difficult to distinguish for non-professionals just by their appearance. If you want to elaborate on the differences between the two vehicles, the main thing is on the display. Generally speaking, the display of the LED advertising truck is made outside the box, while the screen of the LED stage tryck is made inside the box. In other words, the former can be advertised directly on the road, while the latter can easily be regarded as a normal truck when viewed from the outside, and advertising can only be done after the box is opened. 

 2. The difference in function between the two models. In terms of function, the LED stage truck is actually a functional derivative of the mobile stage truck, mainly to make up for the lack of atmosphere of the traditional stage car during performances, and it mainly plays a role in setting off the atmosphere for performances and activities. Therefore, in publicity, it should not be overwhelming. To achieve a good publicity effect, it should be strengthened from the main body's performance effect. The LED advertising truck with an external screen is mainly used to play mobile advertisements, conveying a supervisory feeling in the form of TV media for consumers. Although it does not have the obvious publicity effect of the LED stage truck, it is fortunate that it does not require special actors and hosts,which will save a lot of money.