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Wing Van Trailer

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Wing van trailer is also known as wing-propelled vehicles, bi-wings, flying-wings, two-wings etc. It is the improvements of ordinary vans, which can realize the opening of its wings and double rear doors through hydraulic power units. The flying three axle wing van semi trailer is a new type of transportation vehicle that can meet the needs of modern logistics development that has broad market prospects. 

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SWAN three axle wing van semi trailer meets national five-emission standard, and the chassis adopt the high-quality and famous chassis manufacturers, which include Dongfeng, Futian, Jingling, Futian, Jianghuai, Isuzu etc. Customers can choose the size of the thick skid plate, flat plate and small beam according to the weight of the goods. 


The front face of the flying wing truck is made of cold-rolled steel plate and self-folding corrugated board. The main reason for using the corrugated board is that it ensures the high wind resistance of our three axle wing van semi trailer when the vehicle is running at high speed, which effectively guarantees low fuel consumption cost that is invisible during high-speed operation. 

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The lifting height of wing van semi trailer can exceed the cabin and approach to more than 90 degrees. The double back door can also be opened 270 degrees, which makes the loading and unloading works much more convenient. Three axle wing van semi trailer can be used for the transportation and distribution of auto parts, paper, home appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food, packaging and other items. The loading and unloading of goods is fast, efficient and safe. Furthermore, it can save time and labor, and greatly shorten the loading and unloading time and labor working hours. 

Its main feature is high loading and unloading efficiency. The promotion of wing-opening vans can greatly compensate for the inefficiency of the loading and unloading efficiency of ordinary vans, shorten the work cycle and transportation costs, and it is of great significance to the development of the national economy. With the help of three axle wing van semi trailer, the logistics enterprises can make full use of the utilization efficiency of the logistics equipment, and the overall income will be greatly increased. 

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Why not choose SWAN? At first, the company reputation of SWAN is higher than other similar special vehicle production company, which is the guarantee and assurance of product quality and service. Secondly, our wing van semi trailers for sale have reasonable price, which is lower than similar vehicles in the market. Then, we have professional sales team to help customers get the needed vehicle, which is very thoughtful and considerate. Still want to find more? Contact us immediately! Up to 30% OFF!

Commodity:HXC9402XYK Wing Opening Trailer 
Public Announcement Batch Of Vehicle:298Gross Weight:40,000kg
Rated Weight:30400kg,  30700kgCurb Weight:9,600kg,9,300kg
Max. Speed:(km/h)Approach and   Departure Angle (°):-/12,-/13
Front/Rear Suspension:-/2450,-/2130Number of Springs:-/4/4/4,-/7/7/7
Number of Tyre:12Type of Tyre:12R22.5   12PR
Front Tread:-Rear Tread:1840/1840/1840
Overall Dimension(mm):13590,13000*2550*3990(L*W*H)
Dimension of Box Body(mm):13320,12730*2420*2400(L*W*H)


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