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Single Deck Exhibition Truck

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Single deck exhibition truck is a kind of mobile exhibition hall, which is often set on a specially designed car, and it is much more popular than fixed exhibition hall in that it can greatly reduce the investment cost. Single deck exhibition truck for sale has widely application in modern product exhibition activities, product building parade promotion, exhibition meetings, fairs, forums, conferences, lectures etc. Single deck truck exhibition is also used in all kinds of celebration ceremonies, such as the opening of the property, the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the award ceremony and so on. It is also has other applications, such as wedding live broadcasts, auctions, etc.

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Characteristics and Features of Mobile Exhibition Truck

1. Intuitive

Single deck exhibition vehicle can directly hit the eyes of the audience, which has great Brand publicity effect.

2. Objective

Motorised exhibition vehicle will not be restricted by any region, and it can be delivered at any time, and the audience is concentrated and targeted.

3. Modern and Economical

It has low consumption and high returns, which breaks through the restrictions of traditional media and create new industrial layout.

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Advantages of Mobile Exhibition Vehicle

1. Quantity Advantage

Compared with traditional media, it can only accept one or several customers, and the single deck exhibition vehicles for sale can accept multiple or even dozens of customers.

2. Cost Advantage

Information is released extremely faster than traditional media. In addition, it also reduces the complexity of the process and cost, and it can also deliver and advertise content according to the customer's requirements.

3. Design Advantage

It adopts professional and advanced design, which has unique appearance, and it can become a beautiful landscape created by urban development.

4. Delivery advantage

Compared with the traditional media, the vehicle exhibition is moving in a static and dynamic manner, and it is close to the audience with strong visual impact and best results.

5. Functional advantage

The induction publicity exhibition vehicle can accept video signals and TV signals, and it can be used as an outdoor live broadcast and live broadcast platform.

Video of Henan Swan Exhibition Truck

Henan SWAN Vehicle CO.,LTD is a professional exhibition truck manufacturer in China, and the chassis and box of our exhibition truck for sale can be customized with specific requirements. Contact us for free quotation now if interested. 

Product Name:HXC5251XZS5 Display Vehicle
Announcement Batch:286Gross Weight:25000
Rated Weight:60,656,000Curb Weight:18805
Max Speed:95(km/h)Approach/Departure Angle(°):21/9
Front/Rear Suspension:1400/3050Passenger2,3
Number of Springs:3/3/10+9Fuel Type:Diesel
Number of Tires:8Tire Specifications:11.00R20,295/80R22.5,12R22.5
Front Tread:1950/1950Rear Tread:18,471,878
Number of Axes:3Wheelbase:1950+5600
Chassis Model:CA1250P63K1L6T3E5/-/-/-
Container Size(mm)://
Engine  Manufacturer:Engine Model:Engine Capacity(ml):Engine Power(kw):
China First Automobile Group Corporation Ltd.CA6DK1-28E517146209


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