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Election truck

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There are almost hundreds of election occurred each year, such as president election, congress election, all kinds of representatives etc. Generally speaking, election is very huge and important in almost every country, which is a vital way to promote their claims and political views, which can be very helpful for potential voters to understand their views. A conclusion is submitted that about 90% candidates do public speeches on election truck and more people vote them after they expressed their election promise.

election campaign vehicle

Statistic have showed that the adverting effect of election truck is twice than other other advertising method during election activities, which shows the great importance of election truck during election activities. Election truck is often used in all kinds of election activities all over the world, and Under this kind of circumstance, we have to mention the election car, which is an effective vehicle for general candidate to introduce their political views and what they are going to do if they were elected and got the position. We can see lots of election vehicle in election season, and it is very attractive and conspicuous on the road, which is the advantage of advocating the view of candidate through election campaign vehicle. In fact, most of our customers have made great achievement in certain election activities with the help of our election truck.

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If there is going to be an election in your country, and you want to win the election as much as possible. We will recommend you to buy an election truck for your team, which can be a very helpful advertising method, which also can be customized with your own logo, slogan etc. In addition, the election truck can also be used in the next election, which can be very economical.

SWAN Vehicle has over 30 years experience in the production and innovation of election truck, and our truck has been exported to many countries, such as Kenya, South Africa, Philippine, Saudi Arabia etc, and we also received good reputation and high praise from worldwide customers, especially for one customer from Kenya, who had won the election eventually after long-time promotion with our election truck.

led election truck

In Summary, our election trucks have the following advantages:

1. Customize design, including the color, inner structure, logo, slogan and other personal requirement.

2. Top quality and quick delivery.

The election vehicle adopts high quality steel and advanced production technology, and we ensure that we will delivery the machine ahead of the deadline.

3. Reasonable Price

4. Timely Before and After-sale Service

5. Triple Promotion Effect and High Availability.

Contact us for FREE Quotation and more detailed information of our election truck, and we will reply within 24 hours. 

Product Name:          HXC5047XXC5 Mobile LED Advertising Truck
Announcement Batch:                286                Gross Weight:                4490                
Rated Weight:       100,165                Curb Weight:      4195    
Max Speed:                100(km/h) Approach/Departure Angle(°): 21/15                
Front/Rear Suspension:                1120/1518       Passenger:                2,3                
Number of Springs:                3+1/6+7                Fuel Type:                Diesel                
Number of Tires:                6                Tire Specifications:                7.00-16 8PR,7.00R16 8PR,7.50-16 6PR,7.50R16   6PR                
Front Tread:                1530,1730                Rear Tread:                1485,1590        
Number of Axes:                2                Wheelbase:                3360                
Dimensions(mm):           5998*2100*3300(L*W*H)                
Chassis Model:            BJ1049V9JEA-FE/-/-/-                
Container Size(mm):                //                
Engine   Manufacturer:                Engine Model:                Engine Capacity(ml):                Engine Power(kw):                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5129T                2780                96                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF3.8s5141                3760                105                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF3.8s5154                3760                115                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5R117                2780                87                
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.                4J28TC3                2771                81                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5148T                2780                110                
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.                4J28TC5                2771                81                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5F130                2780                96                
Price:                $23468-26597   

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