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Evangelism Gospel Truck for Sale

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Evangelism gospel trucks are mobile tools specifically used to spread Christianity and preach the will of the Lord. For churches and pastors, it is a good auxiliary tool that can arbitrarily and easily preach in every corner of the city. With the help of gospel truck, pastors can help more people by save people's souls and soothe people's hearts. 

In recent years, the use of evangelism gospel trucks has gained popularity as a powerful tool for spreading the gospel message. These trucks are equipped with audio and visual equipment that can project videos and music, allowing those on the street to hear and see the message of the gospel.

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Applications of Evangelism Gospel Trucks

1. Street Evangelism

One of the most common applications of evangelism gospel trucks is street evangelism. These trucks can be driven to busy city streets, parks, and other public places where large numbers of people congregate. The audio and visual equipment on the truck can draw the attention of passersby, allowing the message of the gospel to reach a wider audience.

2. Community Outreach

Another application of evangelism gospel trucks is community outreach. These trucks can be used to visit neighborhoods and communities, where they can provide a platform for outreach programs and events. For example, a gospel truck can be used to conduct prayer meetings, distribute Bibles and tracts, and provide support to the community.

3. Special Events

Evangelism gospel trucks can also be used at special events such as outdoor concerts, festivals, and fairs. These trucks can provide a platform for Christian artists and musicians to perform, and can also be used to distribute Christian literature and materials to attendees.

Henan Swan vehicle is a professional special vehicle manufacturer in China, and we can customize all kinds of gospel stage trucks, led advertising trucks, exhibition truck, gospel van etc. Customers can offer us all their specfic requirements, and we will try our best to meet the demand. So far, our special trucks have been exported to worldwide countries, such as such as America, England, Russia, Philippines, South Africa, UAE, Nigeria, Tanzania etc.

Advantages of Evangelism Gospel Trucks

1. Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of using evangelism gospel trucks is their flexibility. These trucks can be driven to almost any location, making it easy to reach people in different areas. Additionally, the audio and visual equipment can be customized to suit the needs of different audiences, making it possible to adapt to different languages and cultural backgrounds.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to other forms of evangelism, gospel trucks are considered to be a cost-effective option. They require minimal setup and can be operated by a small team of volunteers. This makes them a great option for churches and organizations with limited resources.

3. Accessibility

Using evangelism gospel trucks can also help to make the gospel message more accessible to people who may not be able to attend church services. By bringing the message of the gospel to the streets, these trucks can reach people who may not have had the opportunity to hear it otherwise.

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Henan SWAN Vehicle CO., LTD has got the ISO 9001 : 2008 International Quality Management System Certification, OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Occupational Health And Safety Assessment Certification, ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management System Certifition and China Compulsory Certification.

The Characteristics of Evangelism Truck

1. The vehicle is full hydraulic operation, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and it also has complete functions and beautiful appearance.

2. Stage starts one person operation and completes it in ten minutes.

3. Equipped with stage ladders, lighting racks, curtain hooks and power boxes. One can choose a variety of car lengths from 3-10 meters.

4. One can choose any size LED screen, which can be a professional stage of 15-80 square meters.

5. The stage board is a special stage non -slip plate. It is shockproof and waterproof.

6. It can be equipped with High -definition LED screen, air conditioner, audio platform etc.

Evangelism gospel trucks are a powerful tool for spreading the gospel message. They offer a flexible and cost-effective way to reach people in different areas and can make the message of the gospel more accessible to a wider audience. Whether used for street evangelism, community outreach, or special events, evangelism gospel trucks are a great way to share the love of Christ with those around us.

Henan SWAN Vehicle has manufactured more than 10000 units of special vehicles, and we own perfect sales network, professional technician & workers, fast delivery and after-sales service team. We can also customize required gospel trailer or gospel truck in accordance with the demand and requirement of different customers and enterprises. So, if there is any demand, don't be hesitate to contact us for free quotation & further information!

Product Name:          HXC5047XXC5  Evangelism Gospel Truck ( Custom Design )
Announcement Batch:                286                Gross Weight:                4490                
Rated Weight:       100,165                Curb Weight:      4195    
Max Speed:                100(km/h) Approach/Departure Angle(°): 21/15                
Front/Rear Suspension:                1120/1518       Passenger:                2,3                
Number of Springs:                3+1/6+7                Fuel Type:                Diesel                
Number of Tires:                6                Tire Specifications:                7.00-16 8PR,7.00R16 8PR,7.50-16 6PR,7.50R16   6PR                
Front Tread:                1530,1730                Rear Tread:                1485,1590        
Number of Axes:                2                Wheelbase:                3360                
Dimensions(mm):           5998*2100*3300(L*W*H)                
Chassis Model:            BJ1049V9JEA-FE/-/-/-                
Container Size(mm):                //                
Engine   Manufacturer:                Engine Model:                Engine Capacity(ml):                Engine Power(kw):                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5129T                2780                96                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF3.8s5141                3760                105                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF3.8s5154                3760                115                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5R117                2780                87                
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.                4J28TC3                2771                81                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5148T                2780                110                
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.                4J28TC5                2771                81                
Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.                ISF2.8s5F130                2780                96                
Price:                With Specific Specification


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