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Expandable Van/Truck/Box Body for Exhibition, Mobile laboratory

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Expandable van/truck/box body of Henan Swan Vehicle is suitable for product exhibition, mobile laboratory research, mobile hospital etc, which is a hot product of our company. The expandable van body can be very helpful for your business. Our products have top quality, wide application, favorable price and long service life. 

The display ox (cabinet) is transparent on all sides

First of all, it is not a container, but a special 'exchange box' with multiple functions. To say that it is an exchange car body is only in the form of transportation. It is transported to the exhibition venue (when the exhibition is set up) by a special transporter (chassis), and then relies on the 4 of the car body itself. Two hydraulic outriggers (foldable and retractable) are lifted up and separated from the chassis car. After the chassis car is driven away, the 'exchange car body' is placed on the ground by the hydraulic outriggers.

Secondly, it is not an ordinary exchange car body, but a mobile service platform with multiple functions such as mobile display (demonstration), high-end distribution (not limited to cars), and mobile office. The car body is equipped with on-board generator set, air conditioning system, lighting system, hydraulic outriggers, and transparent glass around. Among these equipment, in addition to the hydraulic outriggers for loading and unloading of the car body, the others are basically used for display (demonstration), office and other purposes. 

At last, this product has been researched and developed for several years, and it has been continuously improved and perfected day by day. The mobile car body (cabinet) is 8.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and 3 meters high. The production cycle of each car body is about 1.5 months. If purchased, it can be used for many purposes. For example, it can provide car delivery services (test drive cars and order cars) for car 4S shops, so that car owners can get a sense of dignity and convenient services. In addition, it can provide mobile displays for manufacturing companies or service companies platform and mobile office (rest) platform. These services are convenient and low-cost.

Product Structure

1. If the car body is unfolded, it will be a double-layer double expansion structure.

2. The front and rear ends of the car body are equipped with extended hydraulic outriggers, which are first pushed out horizontally to both sides, and then fall to the ground to support the car body off the ground.

3. The two side panels of the box body are turned upwards by the hydraulic system as the side top panels, and they rise with the main box body.

4. The side panels of the first and second floors of the expansion compartment, as well as the second floor of the expansion compartment, are folded and layered and built vertically inside the car body, which can be unfolded through the linkage of the hydraulic system.

The van body will be produced according to the buyer's national standards and corporate standards, and there is no need to worry about this. Besides that, we can customize with your specific requirements, such as inner decoration, size etc. Contact us for a free quote if in need.

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