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Lunch Truck for Sale

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Lunch truck for sale is a popular lunch making and selling equipment of our  company, which has no constraints on the site, and it also has good fluidity and compact appearance. In general, mobile lunch truck is suitable for urban and factory food delivery and selling needs, and investors have no need to rent a shop to start the business. 

mobile lunch truck

The appearance of food lunch trucks for sale are simple and atmospheric, and it consists of three major parts, which are the electrical system, the chassis and the truck body. Our lunch trucks for sale is often equipped with basic kitchen equipment, such as pipeline, sink, tube, electricity, switch, cabinet and other basic devices. Besides that, we can also customize other device with detailed usage and business requirements, such as refrigerator, micro-waver, barbecue, air-conditioner, mixer etc. 

lunch truck for sale

Small lunch trucks for sale are very popular in selling breakfast, lunch, burger, french fries, coffee, drinks, snacks, bread, cookies and cakes, which are extremely appeared among downtown area, snack street, shopping center, large factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places, which truly meet the requirements of mobile selling with less investment and multiple function. 

Catering lunch truck achieves health and environmental business, which is comfortable and energy-saving, and it can meet the different needs of customers. 

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Advantages of Lunch Truck 

  1. The lunch truck is a personalized vehicle tailored to the individual. It can not only be personalized, but also can be customized for the entrepreneur's products.

  2. The food lunch truck is fully equipped and can be equipped according to the size of the vehicle. It also includes smoke-free, dust-free treatment, which not only makes the food more attractive to customers. Cleanliness is also guaranteed.

  3. It has great mobile convenience, and you can move it anywhere, anytime, and replace the better golden terrain.

  4. We offer through training and instruction for customers to help them start their business as soon as possible.

lunch truck manufacturers

Henan Swan Vehicle CO.,LTD is a professional lunch truck manufacturer, and we can design and customize your own lunch truck by combing local habit and specific usage. Of course, our lunch trucks have top quality with over 1000+ delivery in the past days. Big Discount is provided now! Contact us for FREE Quotation Now! Quick replay will be sent back within 24 hours!

Commodity:Food Lunch Truck
Public Announcement Batch Of Vehicle:227Gross Weight:4,490kg
Rated Weight:890kgCurb Weight:3,470kg
Max. Speed:95(km/h)Approach/Departure   Angle(°):23/17
Front/Rear Suspension:1105/1465Passenger:2
Number of Springs:7/4+5Fuel Type:Diesel
Number of Tyre:6Type of Tyre:7.00R16,7.00-16
Front Tread:1440Rear Tread:1425
Overall Dimension(mm):5930*2080*2850(L*W*H)
Dimension of Box Body(mm):3650*1870*1850(L*W*H)
Manufacturer of Engine:Model of Engine:Displacement(ml):Power(kw):

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