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Mini & Small RV

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This mini & small RV with tent is light and small, and its overall appearance is fashionable, which is a good choice for outdoor camping and short trips. Swan small rv for sale is often dragged by a car, which is a used for night rest or picnic that can accommodate 2 to 5 people. Compared with large luxury motorhome for sale, small rv trailers have the basic function of rv while its price is much more affordable for most of families and customers. 


With small rv vehicles, RV, one can easily enjoy the charms of the changing landscape while experience the warmth of the home, such as cooking, bathing, sleeping, watching TV, listening to music etc. With the gradual prevalence of RVs in China, more and more people are falling in love with RVs, a tool that can be called new things in China. More and more people are beginning to be eager to move and travel. By now, lots of people all over the world have set foot on the RV life and enjoy the happiness brought by the RV. 

Nowadays, there are various types of RVs on the market, and the prices are also varied. A general car often costs tens of thousands of dollars, let alone a million or even ten million caravans. It is also the reason that mini rv is produced to satisfy the requirements of customers that are of different consumption levels. The small rv is equipped with the basic function of a general motorhome, which is equipped with a tent that can be folded when driving and unfolded when resting. It is very convenient that there is no need to worry about night accommodation problems any more, and it is also safe and healthy for bad weather and circumstances. 


The basic devices of small rv includes tent beds, water tanks, kitchens, storage boxes etc. The tent above the RV can be stored when we are driving. When we reach the destination, it can be deployed. One can easily climb from the ladder to sleep inside, and this tent also has space for two people to sleep. 


Henan Swan Vehicle CO.,LTD is an experienced small rv manufacturer in China, and we can customize your own small rv for sale with personal demand, such as the accommodation, design, outside color and function etc. So, why not contact us for more detailed information and drive your small rv to travel whenever you want to go!

Overall Dimension(мм)4610×1750×1400
Ground Clearance(мм)600
Tractor Height(мм)1400(Folded)
Body Box Dimension(мм)1860×1550×600
Tent Dimension(мм)1860×1550×280
Mattress Dimension(мм)1820×1530
OthersTwo 4.5kg air bottle supports,One 80L stainless steel water tank


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