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Mobile Showroom for Sale

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Mobile showroom is a kind of exhibition truck or display truck, which is specially designed truck or trailer that can be used for mobile advertising and promotion. Mobile showrooms for sale can reduce the cost input of the fixed exhibition hall, which are more and more widely used today. New mobile showroom for sale can be used for mobile advertising, product building parade promotion, exhibitions, expositions, forums, conferences, lectures, etc. In addition, mobile show room is also widely used in celebration ceremonies, such as real estate opening, ribbon-cutting ceremony, award ceremony, live broadcasts, auctions, etc. 

mobile showroom trailer

Features of Mobile Show Room 

Intuitive: hit the audience's eye. 

Objective: It is not restricted by any region, which can be launched at any time. The audience is concentrated, and the target is strong. 

Considerable: low consumption, high income, breaking through the limitations of traditional media, creating a new industrial layout, civilian consumption is no longer a myth. 


Quantity advantage 

Compared with traditional media, it can only accept one or a few customers, while the swan mobile showroom can accept multiple or even dozens of customers. 

Cost advantage 

The information is released quickly and quickly. Compared with traditional media, it reduces the complicated production process and cost, and can update the content according to the needs of customers. Innovative advantage Professional designer works, unique appearance, and it can become a beautiful landscape created by urban development. 

new showroom trailer

Delivery advantage 

Compared with traditional media, the media vehicle combines dynamic and static, and it is close to the audience with strong visual impact, and the delivery effect is the best. Functional advantage The mobile showroom can accept video signals and TV signals, and it can be used as a platform for outdoor live broadcast and live broadcast.

Henan SWAN Vehicle CO.,LTD offers all kinds of mobile showroom and exhibition trucks for sale, which are of professional design, national certification and high reputation. Besides that, we can custom special mobile showroom for your business. We always aim to provide personalized customization and best service, contact us for inquiry now!

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