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Single Deck Expanding Exhibition Truck

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As the city develops faster and faster, mobile exhibition vans for sale have become a unique landscape in urban development. Its convenient, fast and casual mode not only satisfies the consumption needs of urban people, but also facilitates people's daily life. It has also become a mobile marketing tool that merchants and suppliers are eager to choose.

Modern enterprises have adopted various methods in promoting brands and expanding markets, such as TV commercials and online media. However, these more traditional propaganda methods are difficult to stimulate the passion of modern mass interaction, resulting in greatly reduced advertising effects. As a comprehensive mobile reusable place that integrates brand promotion and product display, the mobile exhibition vans can achieve a good interactive publicity effect and gradually become an important means of modern corporate brand promotion.

Video of Swan Exhibition Truck

Features and Advantages of Exhibition Truck

1. The exhibition lorry has a beautiful appearance and unique shape, which can attract the audience's attention to the utmost extent.

2. The standardized exhibition cabinet provides products display promotion, interactive exhibition and other services. Customers can truly feel the products of the merchants.

3. The video of our exhibition lorry for sale is clear and can greatly enhance the product influence to the audience.

4. The intangible awareness of products and brands with its high arrival rate communication advantages can enhance the public's high attention to business products and corporate brands.

The exhibition bus can maximize the characteristics of small, fast and spiritual. It is not limited by time and space. It can be stopped and feasible. It can also penetrate the densely populated areas such as the community, grassroots, commercial areas and squares. In addition, mobile exhibition units have the characteristics of strong mobility and wide audience, which can bring seamlessly to the various sections of the crowd strolling, walking and stopping. The benefits of communication enable consumers to inadvertently accept the brand and product promotion activities of the merchants.

The cost of mobile exhibition units for sale is mainly the cost of purchasing a car, the cost of petrol, the cost of parking (if any) and the labor cost of two or three people, which is much lower than the cost of opening a store, such as rent, decoration and maintenance costs, more labor costs etc. The purchasing of exhibition units for sale can be very helpful for modern enterprises.

Henan SWAN Vehicle CO.,LTD offers all kinds of mobile exhibition vans for sale, which are of professional design, national certification and famous reputation. We always aim to provide personalized customization and best service, contact us for inquiry now! 

Product Name:HXC5252XZS5 LED Display Vehicle
Announcement Batch:286Gross Weight:25000
Rated Weight:70,657,000Curb Weight:17805
Max Speed:85(km/h)Approach/Departure Angle(°):30/9
Front/Rear Suspension:1500/3200Passenger2,3
Number of Springs:8/8/9+9,3/3/9+3,9/9/9+3,9/9/10+3,9/9/9+9,9/9/10+9,3/3/4 etcFuel Type:Diesel
Number of Tires:8Tire Specifications:11.00-20 18PR,11.00R20 18PR,295/80R22.5 etc
Front Tread:1980/1980,2040/2040Rear Tread:1,860
Number of Axes:3Wheelbase:1850+5450,1950+5350,2050+5250,1850+4000, 1850+4950
Chassis Model:DFH1250AXV/-/-/-
Container Size(mm)://
Engine   Manufacturer:Engine Model:Engine Capacity(ml):Engine Power(kw):
Dongfeng Kangmingsi Engine Co., Ltd.ISD230 506700169
Dongfeng Kangmingsi Engine Co., Ltd.ISD245 506700180
Dongfeng Kangmingsi Engine Co., Ltd.ISD270 506700198


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