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Special Purpose Wing Van Truck

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On the basis of the conventional wing-opening van truck, our company carry out the basic structural transformation and the increase of practical equipment for the wing-opening car. By now, we have developed a refrigerating wing opening vehicle, a police riot-proof equipment transport vehicle and a double-layer wing opening vehicle. Special-wing open truck of various types can meet the individual needs of different customer groups. 

The users can purchase the whole vehicle from our company, and they can also customize the flying wing van truck or just the box. There are double-winged hydraulically-opened compartments on the left and right sides, and optional movable fences can be installed at the lower end of the truck. There are 4 hydraulic cylinders to support that the truck can undergo lifting works on both sides while not affect each other. The truck has high lifting stability, and the wing panels are freely displayed, making the wing-wing van transportation more efficient and convenient. 

The chassis of special purpose wing van truck adopts domestic Dongfeng, Jiangling, Qingling, Futian, Liberation, Jianghuai, Japanese Isuzu and other models. The box is made of aluminum alloy or corrugated board that has good quality and long service life. Compared with the current loading and unloading of the domestic logistics industry, the loading and unloading is mainly manual. According to the assembly of a 9.6-meter van, four laborers need to spend at least 2 hours, and a single loading and unloading time is more than 8 hours. The wing-opening truck requires only two workers to work with the forklift for 0.5 hours, and a single loader takes only one hour. It is evidently to see the the working efficiency of our special purpose wing van truck. 

The opening angles of the wings is about 60 to 90 degrees, and the total time of continuous opening or closing is less than 20s. The slope of the longitudinal lower edge is less than 2% when opening and closing. After the wing is opened for 5000 reliability tests, the key parts are not damaged. Two-wing vans should have good weather protection, and no water leakage should be found at the edge of the wing, front and rear walls, back door and fence. 

SWAN special purpose wing van truck has unique design, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. All kinds of performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products, and it also has the advantages of rainproof, dustproof, sunscreen, anti-theft and corrosion resistance. It should be used for the transportation and distribution of auto parts, paper, home appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food and other items. The car has good sealing performance and is suitable for quick loading and unloading of machinery, high speed, high efficiency, time saving, labor saving and cost saving. Contact us for free quotation now!

Main Technical Parameters
Overall Dimension:6790×1910×2930(mm) Box Dimension:3900×1760×1830(mm) 
Gross Weight:6675(Kg) Mass utilization coefficient:
Curb Weight:3750(Kg) Payload:2600(Kg) 
Approach/Departure Angle:24/12(°)Front/Rear Suspension:1015/1960(mm) 
Axle Load:1955/4720Wheelbase:3815(mm) 
Axle:2Max Speed:100(km/h)
Steering:Steering WheelNumber of Springs:8/6+5
Number of Tyre:6Tyre:7.00-16   14PR,7.00R16 14PR
Front Tread:1504 Rear Tread:1425 
Engine ModelManufacturerDisplacement(ml)Power(kw)
Fuel Type:Diesel


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