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Mobile Stage Trailer

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Semi stage trailer is mainly suitable for large-scale advertising exhibitions, campaign speeches and mobile theaters. It can be said that wherever you go, you can enjoy high-quality audio and audio effects. This truck is suitable for medium and small performances, which adopts fully automatic hydraulic control system that can save time and energy, and it also make the operation easier and faster. 

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Henan Huanghe SWAN Vehicle Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of special vehicles, such as mobile stage truck, exhibition truck, LED propaganda vehicles, mobile shop trucks, wing-opening vans and other trucks. All kinds of semi stage trailer that we produce are beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, safe in use and strong in bearing capacity. We are the fixed-point modification cooperation customers of Dongfeng, Jianghuai, Futian and other automobile OEMs, and our trucks have advanced design concept and excellent performance with the adoption of worldwide famous production technology. 

Semi stage trailer is unique in its complete supporting facilities, and it also save manpower and material resources, improving roadshow quality and unifying the roadshow image. It is incomparable in terms of customer marketing development, consolidation of market position, and cultivating customer loyalty to the brand. The effects of semi stage trailer trucks are extremely powerful and well received by users. 

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Features and Advantages of Semi Stage Trailer 

  1. It adopts totally new design concept, which is no longer satisfied with a single media player nor simply assembly.

  2. It is modified according to the characteristics of the event to optimize the interior space, and it is also more effective and much faster than traditional semi stage trailer.

  3. Service Durability

The whole vehicle and a full set of mechanical operating mechanisms are designed and manufactured according to professional standards, which can adapt to various harsh environments. 

4. The stage board is made of waterproof, non-slip, fireproof ventral plywood. 

Henan SWAN Vehicle CO.,LTD provides excellent products, timely technical support and good after-sales service to worldwide customers, welcome to contact us at any time for free quotation.

Commodity:Semi Stage Trailer
Public Announcement Batch of Vehicle:298Gross Weight:25,000kg
Rated Weight: 7065,7000kgCurb Weight:17800kg
Max. Speed:(km/h)Approach/Departure  Angle(°):-/11,-/13
Front/Rear Suspension:-/2710,-/2390Number of Springs:-/7/7
Number of Tyre: 8Type of Tyre:11R22.5   16PR,10.00R20 16PR
Front Tread: -Rear Tread:1840/1840
Axle: 2Wheelbase:7980+1310
Overall Dimension(mm): 13590,13000*2550*3990(L*W*H)
Dimension of Box Body(mm): 9600*2420*2400(L*W*H)
Reference Price:26,400-32,800$  FOB


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