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Three Side Stage Truck

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Three side stage vehicle is a specially designed truck that can be unfold as a stage if necessary. There are three sides can be used if unfolded, which is the reason that it is named so. Generally speaking, there are many types of stage trucks for sale, such as single side, two side, three side and semi stage trailer. What three side stage truck distinguishes from other stage trucks is that there are three entrances of the stage, which is very necessary for certain stage performance or exhibition activities. Of course, there are much more similarities, such as the composition, the structure, the principle etc.

It is mainly composed by the chassis and the box, which can be sold separately or as a whole. The chassis often adopts domestic or foreign famous brand, such as Dongfeng, HFC, CA, ISUZU etc, which are of top quality and stable performance. In addition, the length of the box can also be selected and customized with personal requirements, such as the 2.7m, 4.2m, 7.6m, 9.6m etc. There are different configuration of the chassis, and it can be designed with double seats if necessary.

The Characteristics and Features of Three Side Stage Truck 

1. Professional design

It can maximize the stage height and the roof carrying capacity. The lamp holder and set boom are preset, which also has professional stage craft design and industrial design.

2. Operational safety

It firstly applies the vertical lifting special guiding mechanism, and set the hydraulic supporting legs to make the ceiling lifting safe and stable, and the car and the stage surface are stable and flat with professional wind resistance design.

3. High Performance Adaptability 

There are good scalability in the following hanging points and interfaces, lighting, audio, subtitles, curtains, power supply set etc. The floor of the stage meets the needs of professional performances, and all equipment can be installed in 10 minutes without climbing.

4. Easy Maintenance 

It adopts hydraulic control technology, which has convenient installation, and it only need a driver and a sound engineer during the whole process, which is totally time-saving and economical.

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CommoditySugava Mobile Stage Vehicle
Gross Weight(KG)4490Rated   Weight(KG)200
Curb Weight(KG)4160Passenger2
Max.Speed(KM/H)90Fuel   TypeDiesel
ABSNOFront/Rear   Suspension(mm)1105/1533
Overall Dimension(mm)5998*2050*2970(L*W*H)
ChassisHFC1040K2T Cargo Truck Chassis
Model of EngineManufacturerPower(kw)Displacement(ml)
Tyre7.00R16,7.00-16Number   of Tyre6
Front Tread(mm)1440Rear   Tread(mm)1425
Number of Springs7/4+5Approach/Departure   Angle(°)23/17


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