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Travel Trailer

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Trailer RV is a conventional travel trailer that does not have its own driving force. It needs to be connected to a car such as a buggy or a truck as its own power source. Different power sources make the trailers have different traction, and trailer-mounted motorhomes are known as small travel trailers in the United States as traditional towing motorhomes, which are the classic models of motorhomes for sale. 

The trailer-type lightweight travel trailers have a square, regular and symmetrical appearance, and it is often in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, a cuboid, a teardrop, or an ellipse. The interior of the mini travel trailers are equipped with the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other areas. It is a versatile travel vehicle that is very popular among worldwide market. 

Characteristics of Ultra Light Travel Trailers 

  1. Swan new travel trailers use connectors and hooks to pull behind SUVs, cars, or self-propelled RVs. Some models require a more powerful car to be towed away, which can be separated from the trailer at camp or when not in use.

  2.  Our luxury travel trailers have complete and comfortable life facilities, such as the bedroom, shower, cooking and dining facilities etc. There is no space occupied by the cab, which means that there are more space for customers to use. This type of expandable travel trailer has a variety of design concepts, and most of the trailers have space expansion design, and the sides of the travel trailer parts will expand outwards to increase dining, sleeping and kitchen areas.

  3. Our retractable cheap travel trailers can also improve fuel economy. The roof of the pop up travel trailers can be lowered to the height of a regular car when traveling to reduce the fuel consumption caused by the resistance of the wind, and the space can be reduced when parked in a garage or a parking lot. The new travel trailers for sale can be towed in a 6-cylinder family car, which maintains the characteristics of a traditional RV and adds a number of new design concepts.

  4. Its vast bedroom space and activity area make this type of travel trailer a self-propelled A-type RV, which can be separated from the towing vehicle after the camp is parked.

  5. As well-known travel trailer dealers, our travel trailers for sale have cheap price, light weight, convenient traction and varieties of types.

If you are looking for the best place to buy a travel trailer or find reliable travel trailer manufacturers, why not take Swan into account? There are many travel trailer companies available on the worldwide market, buy few are as reliable as our company with certificates recognition, professional engineer and rich experience. So, if you want to buy travel trailer, just let us know!

Commodity:Travel Trailer
Public Announcement Batch of Vehicle:298Gross Weight:35,000kg
Rated Weight:26700kg, 27000kgCurb Weight:8300kg, 8000kg
Max. Speed:(km/h)Approach/Departure   Angle(°):-/11,-/13
Front / Rear Suspension:-/2710,-/2390Number of Springs:-/7/7
Number of Tyre:8Type of Tyre:11R22.5   16PR,10.00R20 16PR
Front Tread:-Rear Tread:1840/1840
Overall Dimension(mm):13590,13000*2550*3990(L*W*H)
Dimension of Box Body(mm):13320,12730*2420*2400(L*W*H)
Reference Price:26,400-32,800$  FOB


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