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Two Axle Wing Van Semi Trailer

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Henan SWAN Vehicle CO., LTD is a professional special vehicle manufacturer, which has long manufacturing history & rich experience. We offer types of trucks for sale, such as stage truck, exhibition truck, LED advertising truck, motorhome RV etc. What deserves to be mentioned is that we not only sell the complete wing van truck, but also wing van truck trailer. 

Two axle wing van truck is also known as the flying wing truck that is a special vehicle which can open the flange on both sides of the truck through the power spring, manual device or hydraulic device. Our two axle wing van truck trailer can work together with types of chassis with customer' s pleasure, which has high working efficiency, fast loading & unloading, and it has become a popular transportation tool for modern logistics enterprises and other companies. In recent years, a large number of lightweight new materials have been applied to the series of wing van vehicles, which have reduced the weight of the trucks, coupled with the beautiful design of the cars, and the safety and reliability of the cargo transportation. It has become the best choice for large logistics companies to transport. 

The side edge of two axle wing van truck is made up of the flip plate, which has high reliability.  Wing van trucks can transport all kinds of goods, especially palletized car accessories, beer, textiles, and so on. The principle of the wing-wing truck manufactured by our company is to lift the hydraulic system through the power unit through the discharge of the battery. The lifting height can exceed the carriage, which is close to 90 degrees angle. 

The frame of the carriage is welded by high strength steel profile, and the side plate and door plate are special aluminum alloy profiles. The flank of the two wings can be lifted and opened, and it can be stacked on top of the roof to make both sides completely open, which greatly facilitate loading and unloading of cargo, and the double back door can also open 270 degrees. The design of the truck is unique, and the structure is reasonable. All kinds of performance indexes are up to the advanced level of similar products, and it also has the advantages of rain protection, dustproof, sun protection etc. 

Our two axle wing van truck trailer can be used for the transportation and distribution of auto parts, paper, household appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food and other items. It is suitable for quick loading and unloading, which is featured by high speed, high efficiency, time saving, labor saving and cost saving. Do you still want to find more info about this truck? Why not leave us a message?

Commodity:HXC9350XYK Wing Opening Semi trailer
Public Announcement Batch of Vehicle:298Gross Weight:35,000kg
Rated Weight:26700kg, 27000kgCurb Weight:8300kg, 8000kg
Max. Speed:(km/h)Approach/Departure Angle(°):-/11,-/13
Front/Rear Suspension:-/2710,-/2390Number of Springs:-/7/7
Number of Tyre:8Type of Tyre:11R22.5 16PR,10.00R20 16PR
Front Tread:-Rear Tread:1840/1840
Overall Dimension(mm):13590,13000*2550*3990(L*W*H)
Dimension of Box Body(mm):13320,12730*2420*2400(L*W*H)


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